5 Session Mark Wahlberg Workout Routine & Diet Plan [100% Complete]

Learn a valuable lesson in commitment and dedication in fitness and life – the Mark Wahlberg Workout evolution

Nominated, for the Golden Globe Award for best supporting actor, for the film “The Departed”, and for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor for playing the main lead in the film, “The Fighter”, Mark Wahlberg is rightly considered as one of the most talented actors in the industry.His devotion towards his career, choice of challenging roles, artistic talent and commitment to deliver the best performances possible, with his effort to truly depict the depth of each character, are the characteristic traits of the actor, which mark his distinct position in the industry.He engaged in extensive workout sessions and routines to get the physique and look of his character in the film, “The Fighter” . His commitment to stick to the workout routine, resulted in the look he desired, to play the role of a young talented individual who aspires to be a boxer. The Mark Wahlberg workout routine for the film “The Fighter” is all time famous with the fans of the actor.

Mark Wahlberg – Life and Philosophy

Mark Wahlberg believes in commitment and hard work in all the aspects of life, that is why he puts so much effort in his career as an actor.

The philosophy he followed in his various workout routines was to stick to the sessions, adopt the required diet plans, and build a healthy and fit figure, to help him portray his characters in the movies, and build up stamina to get through the challenging responsibilities as an actor.

His life and workout philosophy are centred on staying focused and putting maximum effort to achieve something you believe in.

Mark Wahlberg Workout Session for  “THE FIGHTER”

The ever popular film and the turning point in Mark Wahlberg’s career, “The Fighter”, is a source of inspiration for fans of the actor, impressed by his athletic build and muscular body.

The actor has shared his experience of the workout sessions he engaged in, in order to get the lean and muscular build. The Mark Wahlberg workout consists of an exercise circuit, which has 5 sessions. The circuit needs to be repeated 2 to 3 times by an individual.

Mark Wahlberg Fighter Workout Routine

Mark Wahlberg Workout Fighter Routine – Core Focus

Exercise Reps Notes
1 Pushup 15
  •  Adopt a push-up position, keeping your body in full alignment.
2 Mc Gill Curl up 15 (Per Leg)
  • Lie face up on the floor, and keep your right leg straight.
  • Bend your left leg, so that your foot is flat on the floor.
  • Now, put your hands, palm up, underneath the lower arch of your back.
  • Lift your shoulders and head, without bending the lower back region of your body. Repeat the exercise.
3 Side Crunch 15 (Each Side)
  •  Lie down straight on the left hand side of your body.
  • Rest your feet against a wall or an object and place your left hand on your chest.
  • Now, put your right hand behind your head, and curl up your body towards your hips.
  • Pause, and then resume to the starting position.
  • Repeat with both sides.
4 Hip Up 10 (Each Side)
  • Lie on the left side of your body.
  • Now, lift your body up with your elbow and left forearm, while keeping your knees in a straight position.
  • Now, raise your hips from the floor, and position your body in such a way, that it forms a straight line from your elbow to your feet.
  • Take a pause, and then lower your body to the floor.
5 Medicine Ball Twist 15
  •  Take a medicine ball in your hand and hold it at level with your chest, with your arms held in a straight position.
  • Without moving your upper body, rotate your arms far towards the left and then towards the right direction. This makes a single rep.
  • Continue with the exercise as fast as you can