5 Branch Warren Workout Routines And Diet Plan [100% Complete]

Build pavement cracking muscle mass with IFBB professional bodybuilder Branch Warren!

You could never mistake Branch Warren for a football player, or basketball player or even a weightlifter.

It’s clear that the 285lbs behemoth from Texas is a bodybuilder through and through. Nicknamed Quadrasaurus because of his freakily huge quadriceps or thighs, Warren has been a professional bodybuilder for ten-years. Although he has never won the Mr. Olympia, he finished a respectable third back in 2010.

Principles of Branch Warrens Workout

When it comes to training, Branch Warren combines old school heavy iron with a high volume approach that would bring lesser men to their knees.

Branch Warren’s workout is definitely not for beginners, he trains with Johnnie Jackson who is a fellow IFBB pro bodybuilder and sometimes powerlifter and often known as the world’s strongest bodybuilder so you know he isn’t going to let Warren lift no foo-foo weights!

Warren’s workouts revolve around one or two very heavy exercises designed to pack on muscle mass followed by several additional exercises with more moderate (but still very heavy) weights for higher repetitions to polish and balance his physique. Each muscle group is hit hard once a week which allows a full seven days for it to grow and recover before the onslaught begins again.

Branch Warren Monday Routine – Back

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Incline T-bar rows 3 10  
2 One arm dumbbell rows 3 8  
3 Bent-over barbell rows 3 8  
4 Lat pull downs 3 15
5 Seated Upright row Machine 3 15  
6 Hammer Strength Pull Downs 3 15
8 Seated low cable row 3 20
9 Rear delts on fly machine 4 10
10 Bent over dumbbell rear laterals 4 10

Branch Warren Tuesday Routine – Chest

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Incline bench press 2 8-12  2 warm up sets
2 Flat dumbbell press 3 10 Drop set last set 
3 Hammer strength incline press 3 10  
4 Weighted Dips 3 Failure
5 Cable crossovers 3 15

 Branch Warren Thursday Routine – Biceps / Triceps

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Standing dumbbell curls 3 8
2 Standing barbell curls 3 12
3 Preacher curls 3 12  
4 Triceps push downs 3 15  
5 Seated dip machine 3 15  
6 Rope push downs 4 12

Branch Warren Friday Routine – Legs

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Leg extensions 2 100  2 sets to warm up
2 Squats 4 failure  2 light sets 2 heavy sets
3 Hack squats 3 10-15  
4 Leg press 3 30  
5 Seated leg curls 3 15  
6 Standing leg curls 3 10  
7 Lying leg curls 3 12

Branch Warren Workout Saturday Routine – Shoulders

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Deadlifts 4-5 5-8  
2 Military press 3 10  
3 Side laterals 3 8-12  
4 Dumbbell front raises 3 8  
5 Upright rows 3 12

Branch Warren Diet Plan

Quadrasaurus-sized muscles don’t grow without feeding them the right fuel, and lots of it.

Bodybuilders as massive as Branch Warren live and die by their diets and a missed meal or badly designed eating plan could severely undermine muscle building progress.

Protein is a nutritional cornerstone for bodybuilders as it is a vital part of the muscle-building process. Protein helps repair muscle tissue between workouts and without adequate protein, muscle growth can all but grind to a standstill.

After protein, carbohydrates are the next most important nutrient. Carbohydrates provide energy for exercising and if you train as long, frequently and as heavy as Branch Warren, you need plenty of carbs in your daily diet. As well as providing energy, carbohydrates are also your primary source of vitamins, minerals and fiber in the form of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Fats are also important for both energy and health although excessive fats can provide too many calories which can make you gain the wrong sort of weight.

To ensure he is providing his muscles with everything they need to grow, Branch Warren eats six meals a day and takes about 400 grams of protein.

Meal 1: 5 egg whites, 1 ½ cup oatmeal, 8 oz. red meat

Meal 2: 9 oz. fish, 1 ½ cup rice, 1 cup vegetables

Meal 3: 9 oz. chicken, 16 oz. potato

Meal 4: 9 oz. fish, 1 ½ cup rice

Meal 5: 9 oz. chicken, 12 oz. potato

Meal 6: 10 egg whites

Bodybuilders like Branch Warren are professionals in their approach to their workouts and diets. If you want to be built like Branch, you need to have laser-like focus and dedication. Work hard like Warren and who knows; maybe you can be the next Quadrasaurus!