4 Jessica Biel Workout Routines & Diet Plan [100% Complete]

Learn the tricks and tips of the Hollywood superstar actress with the Jessica Biel Workout.

Most people know who Jessica Biel is: blonde, sexy curves, piercing eyes, married to Justin Timberlake, toned body, and popular Hollywood actress.Her year-round bikini-body is the envy of millions of women around the world. However, to keep in shape, Biel pays a lot of attention o her daily workout and diet.

Principles of the Jessica Biel Workout

Jessica Biel credits her fitness and workout routine to her trainer Jason Walsh. Alongside Biel, Walsh’s clients include other actors such as Matt Stone, Ben Affleck, Reese Witherspoon, and Kate Beckinsale.

The Jessica Biel workout is primarily focused on toning her body while burning fat. Consequently, her workout routine comprises a mix of weight training and plyometrics exercises. Jessica Biel typically works out two or three times a week—depending on if she has a movie shoot on the horizon.

You will also notice the Jessica Beil workout routines all start with walking lunges and light cardio to keep body fat low. During her early years, Biel devoted a lot of time to gymnastics, which left her back and leg muscles a little weak. Because of this, in addition to her cardio workout, she does strength-training exercises that tone those areas.

Describing her workout routine, Biel’s trainer Walsh says, “Plyometrics hurt. Even athletes hate them. But the secret to Biel’s body is her commitment.”

Biel also tries to do Yoga at least twice a week. “Yoga keeps my muscles long and flexible,” she says. Most of her Yoga workouts are done in the afternoon.

Every other day, when she’s not in the gym, Biel stays active by spending time outdoors, either going for a jog, running with the dogs, biking, or playing sports like volleyball.

Jessica Biel’s Diet Plan

Biel has several important don’ts that have kept her fit.

“For me, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, having a healthy diet, and staying away from alcohol are musts. It’s so boring, I know, but doing those things really helps.” Snacks are not the enemy, Biel says. If you are constantly up and about, you need drinks and snacks to give you a sustained flow of energy. The key is to choose health organic foods such as nuts.

This way, you are not burning up your muscle. Common staples of her daily diet include:

  • almonds
  • whole wheat toast
  • oatmeal
  • fish
  • rice
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • chocolate

Although Biel tries to maintain a healthy diet, particularly when she is preparing for a movie, she still enjoys the occasion sweet treat. The key for her though is moderation. You can have French fries, she points out. Just not every day.