2 Clay Matthews Workout Routines & Diet Plan [100% Complete]

Learn the hard work that helped late bloomer Clay Matthews bulk up for the Green Bay Packers.

Matthew’s is considered a late bloomer, not becoming a standout footballer until late in collage. Despite the slow start, he emerged as a first round draft pick, and has now become one of the best and biggest defenders in the NFL.

Over the period of four seasons, Matthews earned 42 sacks and 204 tackles. Winner of the NFC defensive Player of the year award, Matthews is a towering 255-pound human missile. And it all boils down to his diet and amazing workout ethic. The Clay Mathews workout is a true reflection of this committed elite athlete.

A Look inside How the Clay Mathews workout will help keep you in Peak Physical Condition

The intensity of Clay Matthews workout varies with the football season.

When the season is not in full swing, Matthews likes to work out six days a week—Monday through Saturday—using aerobic routines such as stair runs to maintain his fitness. However, during the season, Matthew’s workout consists of two added circuits, made up of a mix of Pilates, working with weights, and body resistance exercises. Completing each circuit takes a little over 60 minutes and requires a considerable amount of stamina.

The goal of the clay Matthews workout (for in season) is to develop full-body power endurance. It is what allows Matthews to explode from a starting position with maximum acceleration and force during a football game. The Clay Matthew workout does not only focus on strength but also on flexibility. To this end, Clay limits his weight lifting workout to only a few days a week and never more than a few reps. He incorporates yoga and Pilates to help with his core muscles, flexibility, and glutes. Matthews also engages MMA and Boxing style training to work his body, feet, and improve his hand-to-eye coordination. Regardless of what resistance exercise he is doing, Clay rarely does more than 8 to 10 reps, in order to prevent injury or overuse of his shoulder muscles. Nevertheless, the biggest secret behind the huge gains that Matthews gets is simple: consistency.

Clay Mathews Workout Routine

Clay Mathews Workout Monday & Thursday Routine – Shoulders, Arms, Abs & Legs

  Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Cable External Rotation 1 20
2 Dumbbell Shrug 2 8
3 Dumbbell Flat Chest Press 1 10  
4 Machine Row 1 10  
5 Barbell Military Press 1 8
6 Chin-up 1 Do till failure
7 Dumbbell Lateral Raise 1 8
8 Dumbbell Rear Delt Raise 1 20
9 Fat Bar Curl 1 12
10 Barbell Close Grip Bench Press 1 12
11 Bodyweight Squat 1 20
12 Body weight wide-stance Romanian deadlift 1 20
13 Dumbbell Walking Lunge 1 12
14 Single Leg Press 1 10
15 Single-Leg Cable Romanian Dead lift 1 10
16 Bike Sprint 1 45
17 Single Leg Bridge 1 15 Switch and repeat with other leg
18 Single Plank Hip Touch 1 15 Do with other side

 Clay Mathews Workout Tuesday & Friday Routine – Chest, Triceps & Legs

  Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Dumbbell Front Raises 1 10
2 Scapula Raises 1 10
3 Lateral Raises 1 10  
4 Barbell Shrug 2 8  
5 Pushup (Lateral Rotation) 1 8
6 Chain Pushup 1 Till failure
7 Rope Pull-up 2 8
8 Dumbbell Incline Chest press 1 8
9 Machine Chest Flyers 1 12
10 Cable Two-Arm Cross Row 1 12
11 Manual Rear Delt Raise 1 12
12 Negative Chins 1 8
13 Dumbbell Bicep Curls 1 10
14 Dumbbell Farmers Walk 1 60 sec
15 Swiss Ball Wall Squat 1 20
16 Swiss Ball Leg Curl 1 12
17 Body weight Squat 1 8
18 Single-Leg Box Squat 2 8
19 Dumbbell Step-Up switch to Reverse Lunge 1 8
20 Seated Leg Curls 1 12
21 Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat 1 8
22 Single Leg Dumbbell Romanian Dead lift 1 8
23 Swiss Ball Hip Extension 1 20
24 Side Plank Elbow Touch 1 15

The Clay Matthews Diet Plan

To keep his muscles growing and his body stocked with all the protein he needs, Matthew aims at eating an average of six meals each day.

Matthews does not believe in counting calories. However, he understands the importance of eating the right meals and generally stays away from candy, soda, sand fast foods.

His typical breakfast consists of bacon, eggs, fruit, and oatmeal. Between the standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, Matthew enjoys small snacks, to stave off hunger pangs. For his snacks, Matthews enjoys fruits, nuts, or a milk shake. Other times he may just opt cottage cheese or a muscle milk bar.