5 Greg Plitt Workout Routine & Diet Plan [100% Complete]

Greg Plitt is the world’s number one fitness model. learn from his wealth of knowledge by following his personal workout

Greg Plitt is more than just a pretty face. His flawless physique is every bit as tough as it looks and was put to the test during his military career during which he qualified as airborne and with the Rangers.

Years of Dedication to Create The Greg Plitt Workout

A self-confessed fitness buff since boyhood, Plitt has graced the cover of virtually every mainstream international fitness magazine, is a certified personal trainer and has also starred in several movies.

Plitt is also the face or several sports supplement and fitness equipment companies and images of his body were used to create Doctor Manhattan’s physique in the 2009 movie The Watchmen.

Plitt uses a high volume approach to his training and hits each muscle once a week with upward of 25 to 40 sets per workout. This is a very effective approach to building muscle as it promotes a huge muscle pump – something that is important for muscle growth. However, such high volume is not for the exercise neophyte.

If you jump into a workout like this too soon, you will probably be sore for a week afterwards! If you decide to follow Greg’s workout, start out with around half the recommended number of sets and increase the workout volume over the coming weeks and months as you become more accustomed to the working out.

Gregg Plitt’s workout combines strength training with three to five cardio workouts per week which, in conjunction with his specialized diet, he credits for his low levels of body fat. For maintenance, Greg will do three cardio sessions a week but for an important photo shoot or personal appearance, this may increase to five sessions a week.

Greg favors swimming over running or using a stair master because swimming, says Plitt, builds muscle and endurance while burning fat simultaneously.

As required, Plitt will add additional workouts to bring up lagging body parts to ensure his physique is as good as possible. This normally takes the form of a second workout for the same muscle group performed later in the day. Greg prefers to train early in the morning with cardio immediately after or later in the day. A second strength workout may be added in the afternoon according to requirements.

Greg Plitt Diet Plan

Plitt’s approach to nutrition is somewhat unusual in that he only really eats one main meal per day – usually between 2 and 6pm.

This meal is a large high protein, low carbohydrate affair built around lean meats or fish and lots of leafy green vegetables and contains roughly 3,500 calories.

The rest of the time, is sustains himself with protein shakes, liquid meals and healthy but light snacks. Greg’s theory is that by only having one meal that is fully digested by bed time, he will avoid gaining fat but will provide his muscles with all the fuel they need to grow and repair after his workouts.

He also uses supplements to improve performance and aid recovery. Plitt’s supplemental regime includes creatine, L-glutamine and HMB, whey protein, omega-3s and multivitamins.

Greg Plitt has arguably one of the best physiques on the planet and it’s no wonder – he is dedicated and detail driven. Plitt’s approach may be Spartan and strict but there is no denying the results it delivers. If you are prepared to commit 100-percent to your training and diet, try the Greg Plitt workout – guaranteed to deliver amazing results.