The 3 Week Diet Review

93% A solid simple diet

A supercharged diet that is well suited to those with a strong drive to loose weight fast.

After using a number of different nutrition and diet plans, the 3 week diet system is the right program for me. But I know like most programs out there, the 3 week diet sucks at giving you all the information you need to make the right decision for you. You want to be 100% satisfied that the product is what you are after before you spend your money. I’m the same myself, and that’s why I recommend not spending a cent until all your questions have been answered.

I have spent a lot of time trying to make this the most useful resource for anyone considering purchasing the 3 week diet, so I think I have answered all the question in the below article you might have. If however I have missed on the on the three week diet you want to know, then please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. Yes I respond personally to these messages, usually straight away.

I hope you enjoy my review 🙂

So You think the 3 week diet might solve your weight loss problems, but every time you look at a new diet, you get information overload. I get it, I was the same. Diets and weight loss programs confuse the crap out of most of us. And for the most part, this multi-billion dollar weight loss / diet industry intentionally makes it overly complicated.

They are constantly introducing something that is touted as bigger, better and faster at every turn. There are literally hundreds of new diets and nutrition plans out there every week as well as powders, pills, gadgets and more that promise a quicker weight loss fix than the products advertised the week before.

So why does bother learning about the three week diet? Although it’s not perfect (none are) It’s simple to understand and follow, and most important… It works. 🙂 Sure, it does the “melt fat away” sales video like every other program online, but speaking from my own experience it works.

So you don’t see me talking about “melting fat” and “jump starting metabolisms”, like I said before, I’m here to give you the bare basic information you are going to need to make an informed decision to decide if this program is that you need. Sales hype encourages you to just buy it. I don’t want you to buy it unless you know this is product is 100% right for you.

All about my initial experience with the 3 week diet.

When I first began digging into the three week diet, I immediately knew this wasn’t anything new. The concepts that Brian Flatt was talking about I have read about before. This diet utilizes two common techniques used for weight loss, “intermittent fasting”, and calorie restriction. The fact that this diet is “nothing new” is a good thing, it basically means that is it using proven weight loss methods. This means it’s safe and data exists to back up the claims that it will help you loose weight.


So what will the 3 week diet tell you to do to burn fat?

So basically you are going to be doing 2 main things;

  1. Only eat for a block of a few hours (12noon till 6pm) followed by longer period of not eating, this is known as intermittent fasting.
  2. Eat less calories, mainly through eating less carbs, also known as calorie restriction.

The idea with this is that the 18 hours of the day when you’re not eating, you are basically burning body fat. And when you are eating, you are eating meals that will keep you full, and give you plenty of vitamins and minerals.


Digging into the relevance of “3” in the three week diet

Brian also gets very in depth in the 3 week diet introduction about how the 3 week time period is very specific for a few reasons. Firstly, the idea of developing habits commonly takes 21days (research data has tested this) and secondly after around 3 weeks, most people’s self-control is beginning to run out.

The workbook points out all the problems that you will come up against while you are on the diet and how to tackle them. Don’t be fooled, losing weight fast like this diet proposes takes commitment, and dedication. Don’t be scared though, it is well put together with rules and steps all laid out… all you have to do is want it bad enough and you will be fine.


How quick can you expect results with the 3 week diet?

With such an extreme change in body chemistry that the 3 week diet encourages, you will notice weight loss very quickly. In technical terms this basically begins on that first 18 hour fast. Sometimes weight loss might be hard to notice because of the natural fluctuations we caused by eating and drinking, but after around the 3 day mark it will become obvious that the diet is working. The 18 hours a day you aren’t eating, your body is using body fat as energy and when body fat is used as energy, it disappears. Simple

In a nutshell, as you progress, you’ll be looking and feeling considerably better than the previous week as your body gets used to being in this “fat burning” state. Most importantly, you’ll be healthier and have better muscle tone and definition.

Most importantly in my opinion, the 3 Week Diet is designed to facilitate quick yet safe weight loss while ensuring that your body receives the necessary nutrients it requires, you will not “hit the wall” like you do in many diet.

Putting Weight back on after 3 weeks on the diet, is this a danger with the three week diet?

A Question I get all the time, and once again the fitness industry’s spread of miss information. In my experience, this phenomenon of losing weight then putting it all back in in a few weeks is the exception not the rule. What do I mean?

What I mean is that it does happen, but not as much as is played up by the media. This will only happen if you finish the diet and then decide that you are going to buy 5 tubs of ice cream and sit on the lounge and watch 5 seasons of Game of thrones. And trust me, people do that… but not many .

It is worth noting that with the three week diet, the workbook also teaches you all the information you need to getting off of the weight loss merry-go-round and start hitting that weight problem head-on. You’ll learn how your body’s hormones react with the nutrients from whatever foods you are eating (e.g 10lb of ice cream) and whether that reaction is positive or negative when it comes to weight loss and better health. Taking into account the way that the body handles the processing, utilization, storing and burning of body fat, you’ll learn the why and wherefore of your excess weight gain and how to rid yourself of it permanently.

Are the promises made by Brian in the 3 week diet system BullS**t

You’ve probably seen or at least heard about the TV show on NBC called “The Biggest Loser”. The show has a consulting physician named Dr. Michael Dansinger, who has publicly stated that individuals can lose as much as 20-pounds per week as long as they do it correctly (aka use safe techniques). Whats this got to do with the 3 week diet you ask? Other experts in the field stating that the kind of weight loss that the 3 week diet talks adds to its credibility.

Will I lose all of my hard earned muscle?

The sad truth is many diets can do more harm than good since they result in losing lean body mass during the weight loss process. With the lost lean body mass comes a slower metabolism, which makes it more difficult continue to lose body fat. It also results in a situation where it is easier to put that lost weight right back on. The 3 Week Diet’s basic design is aimed at keeping your metabolism up-to-speed and your body burning only body fat and not muscle through keeping protein intake high. This is important.

 What do you get with The 3 Week Diet?

With the program, you receive 4 manuals, each focusing on one aspect of the diet. The reading isn’t too heavy, and you will be able to get through them and learn what you need to get started in an afternoon. The Manuals are as follows;


[1.] An Introduction Manual

which explains the science behind weight loss and gain and how to attack that obstinate body fat. It’s also an introduction to recommended supplements for maximum fat loss through increased metabolism.


[2.] The Diet Manual

Which is made up of three phases of one week each. You’ll learn the art of calculating your fat percentage vs. your lean body mass. Then you’ll get a fast weight loss plan that is tailored to your specific body type. It will also tell you precisely what you should be eating each and every day and when you should be eating it. You’ll also find out which foods are capable of maximizing the fat-burning potential of your own body, as well as the foods to stay away from since they can be responsible for slowing down your fat-burning process.

In the first phase, you’ll probably lose approximately ten pounds. By then, you will have gained complete control over your own weight for life. A number of individuals reported feeling as if they were able to accomplish just about anything after they had completed their first phase. It is that empowering.


[3.] The Workouts

Which are specifically designed for burning fat and helping you to get into fantastic shape by spending only about 20 minutes a few times per week. This can help you to double the results of your fat loss. The program has two individual workout plans, one for people who like working out at the gym and another for working out at home. They are both equally excellent fat-burning workouts and really easy to follow. Let’s face it, nobody wants to struggle with a workout that’s difficult while you are on such a strict diet, so these workout take this into account and don’t try to kill you. Want a challenge, try the MI40 workout like I did. It wasn’t fun.


[4.] The Supplement Report

This gives you some insight into many of the more popular diet supplements that are currently in use by many dieters today. A serious protein deficiency can result from some diet plans and nutrient misinformation. This deficiency can lead to dry flaky skin, rashes, brittle hair, hair loss, fingernail or toenail ridges, muscle cramps and weakness, sleeplessness, nausea, and even cuts, scrapes and wounds that are slow to heal.

The Motivation and Mindset Report is also included, which provides some valuable info regarding focusing all your energy on the achievement of your goals. It includes some excellent secrets, tricks and tips on fast weight loss and how to keep it off for good. These are helpful hints to use for the rest of your life to stay at your goal weight and feel great.

 Can I Try the 3 week diet for free , or Is there really such a thing as a risk free trial?

Unfortunately , like pretty much every online program, you don’t get to have a look at the product until you have paid.

The Bright side is that if you think you didn’t get what was advised, or your money’s worth you can get 100% of what you paid back through the click bank money back guarantee.

This guarantee prevents the creator Brian Flatt from making a fast buck off of customers like you. Technically speaking you could buy the product, do the entire program for 3 weeks, after which you could get your money back if you didn’t get the results you expected. That is, I think, pretty fricken awesome for us as customers. That is in my mind a true risk free experience.

Diet Positives

  • Well thought out program
  • Simple
  • Practical
  • Risk Free

Diet Negatives

  • Intense
  • Requires fasting


Final thoughts on the three week diet

Nothing worth having is easy

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that because this program is simple, it is going to be easy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not going to be unbearable, but it won’t be a walk in the park either.

The next 5 mins

I’m sure that the delivery of digital product isn’t anything new to you, but it is worth mentioning that 1min from now, you could be reading the Three Week diet work book. And 5 min from now if you didn’t like it you could have gotten a refund. Life in the internet age is pretty awesome I must say.

Dieting starts with you

I recommend as with anyone spending money on a program of any kind, make a commitment that your will follow it from end to end before passing judgment on its effectiveness. If you cannot make this commitment, you simply are not ready for the kind of changes that a diet program like this will bring to your life.

If you follow this program, you are going to burn a lot of fat. If you follow this program as laid out by Brian, you will maintain your weight when you come out on the other side of the program. I can only speak from my own experience, and this diet is the only diet that I have trialed that I was able to stick to from end to end, and that is why I have scored it so well. It’s simple and I love simple.

The best diet

The truth of the matter is that the best diet is the one that you are going to follow, and this diet I think can be followed by almost everyone.

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