My Honest Visual Impact Muscle Building Review


What No One Is Telling You About Visual Impact Muscle Building

My Experience with Visual Impact Muscle Building

I am extremely happy with Visual Impact Muscle Building. I use it to strip back fat while still building or maintaining muscle, and it’s great for maintaining your physique during the summer months.

Visual Impact really burns away that last bit of fat to really get that ripped muscle appearance.
People chasing that lean ripped look, the Visual Impact is a great fit because literally every aspect of the workout routine is focused on substantial muscle gains while stripping lots of body fat.

Unfortunately it’s not all rainbows and butterflies with the visual impact muscle building program. I’v had very little complaints but Visual Impact really does let me down in some areas, this really does annoy me off BIG TIME. More on that later.

My Sales and Access Experience with Visual Impact Muscle Building

If you’re not a fan of sitting through a 10 min video before you get any info on the product you will like the Visual impact Website.

You will notice 4 videos, and I recommend watching them because they really do give you some great information with minimum sales BS;
Video 1 – The Big 3 – Squat, Deadlift and Bench press
Video 2 – Soft Bloated Muscle – Number of reps you should be doing
Video 3 – Shrink Wrap Effect – Maximizing definition
Video 4 – Tying the three concepts together

After you have had a good read of the Visual Impact Website and decide that it is a good fit for your goals, it only takes a few moments to go through the sales process and download the product. Check the Latest price HERE.

For the most part the sales process is quite painless, although one thing that I’m not a fan of is all the stock photos with no before and after photos at all. I now know after using program that it is legit, but the flashing photos of oiled up men are just a bunch of crap, and I hate that.

What I LOVE About Visual Impact Muscle Building

I feel that a workout routine should do as it is advertised… That’s no big deal, that’s what you pay for. It is when the creator goes above and beyond with a certain feature, or really kicks ass that gets my attention.
This is a short list and I’m a hard man to please. But there is a list and trust me that’s a big deal.

The workouts routines are simple, short and work great.

I absolutely love how this program doesn’t stuff around with your time. You work out 3 times per week, spending about 45mins in the gym each session. The workouts are quality.

The extra time it gave me, while still getting great results was awesome.

The majority of the routines use free weights (which I love using), so although I do recommend doing the routines in the gym, it is possible with a bit of creativity to do this program at home with a weight bench and dumbbell set.

The visual Impact program would kick the ass of any results you will get from home workout DVD’s like P90x.

The science stacks up.

When a workout serves up a heap of scientific facts to back up a workout routine, the first thing I do is my own research to make sure I’m not being fed a bunch of lies.

The principle’s Rusty uses in the visual impact muscle building workout (See them here) all checked out when I did my research;

Getting the facts straight before you start is super important, the last thing I wanted to do was waste a month of training and a bunch of money to find out that I wasn’t getting results because the workout was built on a bunch of lies.

The workout book describes the routines in great detail

It truly amazes me how many workout programs fail at putting a direct connection from their theory to the workout routine.

I said I’m not going to fall in love with a feature that should be there anyway… and maybe I have.

The truth is Visual Impact Muscle Building has really gone above and beyond what was required. The end product is an easy to understand (like there website), educational guide that will make sense to people with no prior fitness experience.

And for the ones of us that think we have read it all (like myself), you will learn a whole lot more about getting and keeping in an optimum condition all year round. Watch the four videos here to see what I mean.

Now what you all came for… the dirt on Visual Impact that no one is telling you

What I HATE about Visual Impact Muscle Building

My disclaimer. It is simply human nature for the things you hate to burn deeply into your memory, and I apologize if I get a little carried away.

Visual Impact Muscle building is a great program, don’t get me wrong… but it seriously misses the mark on a few points. I feel it’s my job to point those out.

Many readers have told me that the negative points I make are often the most useful when they are making the decision to buy, so I have in no way held on what I hate about this program.

Now I feel a little better about being so mean, let’s start.

The pictures of ripped male fitness models

This drives me APSOLUTLY CRAZY, Just check out the Visual Impact Workout website to see some perfect examples. Grr

So if it’s not so obvious why I HATE this so much… It is because these models that you see on the website and in the eBooks have never seen the Visual Impact Muscle Building workout, let alone completed a single set of the program.

I’m not sure that I would call this false advising, because I think that Visual Impact can give you an awesome body. I just don’t like being bombarded with BS images while I am trying to read and learn how to get fitter. Maybe this might motivate some users… but it just annoys me and I HATE it.

Dated Appearance of the eBook

This might not be a big deal for some people, but I thought it worth a mention.

The Three eBooks that you receive are a little basic, and have a dated appearance. The Visual Impact Muscle Building Program hasn’t been around that long but the eBooks have not been graphically designed very well and look very much old school.

No Video Demonstrations.

MI40X got a big thumbs up from me, due to the awesome video demonstrations that’s included in its package.

Visual Impact Workout gets a big thumbs down for not having any video demonstrations.

The Visual Impact program is around half the price of MI40X, so this may be some kind of excuse for them not investing the extra time to produce them… but it does not change the fact that I miss not having them there to help me.

Visual Impact does in fact include a demonstration eBook. That’s next on the HATE list.

The Demonstration eBook is rubbish

It feels like it has been thrown together as an afterthought. What really gets to me is the tiny b-grade images that are meant to show you how to perform the exercise.

The text associated with the demonstrations is a little lite at times, but it does get the point across if you were really stuck on how to perform an exercise.

My recommendation would be to just do a YouTube search for any exercise that you were unsure about, this will give you a crystal clear picture of how the exercise should be performed.

Although you can quite easily work around the b-grade demonstration, I still hate that Visual Impact didn’t deliver on this.

My Concluding Words about Visual Impact Muscle Building

Satisfaction, happiness. I dig this workout and the person behind it. It’s an easy workout to use and git gives me the great results.

It does what it says it does, and is simple and quick to add to your weekly schedule if you’re already stretched for time.

Like all workouts, none are perfect and I just deal with the bits that are stupid and get on with it.
Does it work? Yes, it does. It does exactly what is advertised on the website, and if that’s your goal then it will be awesome for you too.


If your goals match what Visual Impact promises, Yes for sure. Check out Visual Impact or if you need a question answered, don’t forget that you can ask it below.

I hope this unbiased look at visual impact muscle building has helped to make your buying decision easier. Whenever money and time is involved it should never be taken lightly.

Make sure you take your time and have a good read and watch of the visual impact website, and if your goals match the promises rusty from Visual impact makes, you won’t be disappointed.

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