Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Review


Muscle Gaining Secrets is a great guide to building muscle. Unlike Most programs out there, this program focuses on building bulk, not just shedding fat. Great quality program

Is This “Old School” Approach to Muscle Building Still Effective as it was 20 Years Ago?

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone wants or needs to lose weight. In fact, many men and even some women want to gain weight – be it for sport or simply to be bigger and stronger.

The trouble is, gaining muscle is not an easy or simple process and if you try to follow most typical bodybuilding routines (designed for steroid-chomping genetic freaks) you’ll just end up tired, bored, frustrated and burnt out.

If gaining muscle is your number one goal, following a well-structured workout plan is a must if you want to see any results from all your time in the gym. Muscle gaining Secrets 2.0 is for those searching an old school, no frills approach to muscle building written by someone who practices what he preaches, That man is Jason Ferruggia.

Jason Ferruggia is a fitness author, strength and conditioning trainer and self proclaimed “skinny-fat guy” who has developed impressive levels of strength using old school training methods.

He is a frequent contributor to Men’s Fitness magazine and has written numerous books including a bestseller on conditioning training for MMA fighting. Unlike many e-book authors who are little more than armchair experts, Ferruggia puts his money where his mouth is and not only talks the talk, he also walks the walk! Needless to say, if Jason Ferruggia tells you something works, you can pretty much guarantee he is speaking from personal experience.

What Do You Get? – Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Review

Muscle Building Secrets 2.0 is a 100 page e-book that contains all the information you need to build a strong, muscular physique using methods and exercises that are both traditional and effective.

The e-book is laid out very logically and easy to understand – no unnecessarily complex terminology or complicated science. Where many e-books seem to be full of fillers, every nugget of information provided by Ferruggia is useful and practical. Within the book you will valuable information on strength training topics including training versus working out, setting goals, making progress, recovering between workouts, muscle building nutrition (although this section is a bit light on details and is really just an ad for Ferruggia’s Renegade Diet program) and a detailed 12-week plan broken into three four-week phases.

What Do The Workouts Look Like – The Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Review

Jason Ferruggia’s 12-week muscle building plan uses something commonly called progressive overload. All that means is that, week by week and phase by phase, you gradually increase the weights you are lifting while decreasing the number of reps you perform.

This tried and tested approach not only builds muscle but also builds serious strength. As Jason Ferruggia says in the text, his workout is based on the methods used by many successful bodybuilders and strongmen – both past and present.

The Muscle Gaining Secrets workout program uses a four-way split routine where different parts of your body are worked in different days. This breaks down to two lower body days and two upper body days. If you are unable to dedicate four days a week to training, Jason Ferruggia also provides a three-day-week option.

The workouts themselves are simple but don’t mistake that for easy. The exercises are basic so the program can be performed by just about anyone even if you don’t have access to a fully decked out gym. Most of the exercises use barbells or dumbbells rather than fancy resistance training machines.

Each of the four workouts are built around a single key lift, plus additional exercises designed to address muscle imbalances, these four main lifts are as follows;

  •  squat
  • bench press
  • deadlift
  • overhead press

Jason says that these “big four” are essential for building strength and muscle size. While this isn’t a powerlifting program, it certainly includes elements of powerlifting training so expect to lift some heavy weights over the 12-weeks.
Each week builds on the one that preceded it and each subsequent phase does likewise; over the 12-weeks the program grows with you to ensure you make great progress. If you are new to working out, Ferruggia also provides a beginner workout designed to help get you ready for the “real” 12-week plan.

There is very little cardio in the program – this is not a fat loss workout program. Instead, the emphasis is on strength training and gaining muscle.

As warming up is a vital part of working out, Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 includes a couple of different warm ups (one for lower body and one for upper body) . Jason insists that they are not only designed to ensure your muscles are ready for the workout ahead, is but also help you “get in the zone” so your able to give maximum intensity when its required.

Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Review – Conclusion

If you are serious about building a body that not only looks strong buy is, Jason Ferruggia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 could be just the ticket. It’s not fancy but it will deliver results if you don’t mind going old school in the gym. If you want a science-laden and full of fancy new exercises workout then this e-book isn’t for you but if you want to work hard and see results, check out Jason Ferruggia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0.

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