Mr Hyde Pre Workout Review

Product Rating

  • Taste – 80% 80% 80%
  • Mixability – 87% 87% 87%
  • Ingredient Quality – 91% 91% 91%
  • Value for Money – 96% 96% 96%

So we all know how may pre-workouts are trying to separate you from your cash, but what separates the Mr Hyde Pre Workout from the thousands of its competitors, i have a closer look to find out in the Ultimate Hyde Pre Workout Review.

The Ultimate Mr Hyde Pre Workout Review – What do you get?

Like all good pre workout supplements, Mr Hyde pre workout claims to be “the most extreme and effective pre-workout on the market”.  It states that it is “Loaded with proprietary stimulant blends and the novel pump agent agmatine sulfate”.

I highlighted those two claims for reasons I’ll get to later. Just keep in mind that agmatine sulfate is the one ingredient that Mr. Hyde claims separates it from other pre workouts.

First, let’s start with the ingredients!

Supplement companies love to throw a bunch of ingredients into their pre workout supplements to make them stand out from the others (like “agmatine sulfate!”). Here’s a secret: The  ingredient in a lot of pre workout supplements that you are feeling the buzz from is caffeine. Plain and simple.  The fact is too many supplements are guilty of hiding behind scientific jargon and proprietary blend of ineffective ingredients that have been poorly researched and simply lack real world results. What might even be worse, many of the studies that show positive results are backed by the supplement companies themselves: Never trust anyone who has a vested interest in lying to you.

That’s not to say that caffeine is the only thing you should be looking for on the label.  There’s also plenty of effective vitamins, BCAAs, and legal stimulants that are going to improve your training sessions and gains in the gym. The thing to keep in mind though, unfortunately those ingredients don’t do much in the way of giving you that intense focus and buzz that high does of caffeine does.

They call their energy blend, “Caffeine Matrix,” which sounds cool, sure, but the only thing you have to consider is how much total caffeine there is: 419mg. The regular cup of coffee has about 100-150mg of caffeine, about the same as a can of Monster. One scoop of Mr. Hyde equals about three cups of coffee (or two and a half cans of Monster).

Believe it or not, for a pre-workout, that’s good news. That is, if you can handle it that much caffine in one hit.

It does, however, back up the Mr. Hyde pre workouts original claim that it’s one of the most effective and extreme preworkouts on the market.

But let’s look at their “novel pump agent,” agmatine sulfate. According to Examine, agmatine does not go well with creatine: “Creatine (on the assumption that creatine positively influences NMDA signalling, agmatine works in the opposite manner at the same site; they should not be antagonistic for muscle growth or nitric oxide boosting).” Also, agmatine does not go well with L-Citrulline: “(for some neurological effects; cardiovascular interactions not well elucidated).”

That’s right. Of the four ingredients in their “Strength Matrix” blend, three of them are basically opposing the positive efects of each other. Remember what I said about poor research? Still, when it comes to the most effective ingredient (caffeine), Mr. Hyde can’t be matched.

Looking at the Taste  for the Mr Hyde Pre Workout Review

Having to train after a day wat work, i have always been into my pre workouts, and have had a few tubs of Mr. Hyde over the years. From from experence trying most flavours, Wild Cherry flavor is the best. Talking to friends,  I’ve heard good things about pretty much every flavor except Watermelon. In fact, in almost every poor 1-star review that I’ve seen online, the flavor they bought was watermelon. Another flavor you should probably avoid is the Cotton Candy. It’s got a 6.6 review on :s .

My honest opinion when it comes to taste, preworkout is bound to be sweet as hell, and after a month or so you can’t tolerate that flavour you one could.

Price – Mr Hyde Pre Workout Review

You can usually find 15 servings for around $20 or 30 servings for around $30-35. So you are roughly looking at around the $1 per serve, which makes it a quite affordable pre workout.

Keep in mind Mr. Hyde has twice as much caffeine as most other pre workout supplements (C4, for example, has 150mg caffeine). You can take half a scoop of Mr. Hyde and it will be really effective at getting buzzing. Obviously If you want the full effects from the BCAA’s, Beta Alanine and creatine you will need to fully dose.

Side Effects – Mr Hyde Pre Workout Review

Mr. Hyde has a lot of caffeine. Some people have reported having to leave their workouts early because they felt like they were going to pass out. I’ve had that exact same feeling myself, although it was another pre workout. Beside obviously the potential of ruining your workout, it can also ruin your whole day. Best to start low and slowly increase your doses, also be aware that your body will respond differently when you have an empty stomach.

The Conclusion from the Ultimate Mr Hyde Pre Workout Review

Mr. Hyde is an effective  supplement with a pretty insane amount of caffeine (410mg!) as well as a pretty comprehensive BCAA stack and a reasonable amount of Beta Alanine, so it might come with some side effects if you have experienced caffeine sensitivity in the past. However, if you start with slightly less than the recommended dose and work your way up, you shouldn’t have any problems.