The Rock Dwayne Johnson Workout Routines And Diets

Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock”, once one of the greatest professional wrestlers alive has now cemented himself as the No. 1 action star in Hollywood.

The Rock has won the WWF Heavyweight title six times and the WWF Tag Team championships five times. When there seemed little more to achieve in the world of wrestling he turned his crazy work ethic to Hollywood, much the same way Arnold Schwarzenegger did in the early 1980’s. Dwayne’s undeniable muscular presence on screen almost certainly helped to get his foot in the door, and early on you may have been forgiven for thinking that the rock was just another muscley meat head trying to make it on the big screen.

Fast forward to today and it is clear that Dwayne Johnsons drive for greatness far exceeded anyone’s expectations. Not only has he continued to perfect his physique despite now being in his mid-40s, but after years of “beating on his craft” he is now one of the most talented male leads in the business.

More Athlete Than Actor – The Dwayne Johnson Workout is Born

During research for this article it became clear that Dwayne Johnsons work ethic resembles more that of a pro athlete than your regular Hollywood action man. The Rock is up at 4am, 6 days a week, smashing out a 50min cardio sessions before breakfast. He then does what he describes as “banging and clanging” in the gym for around another hour, all before he officially starting his day as a Hollywood superstar. No matter how you look at it, thats impressive.
Although Dwayne has admitted to changing up his workouts routines depending on what his next movie role demands, this 4am ritual seems to remain unchanged, day in day out, 6 days a week. It is what he commonly refers to as his “anchor”. More on that later.

The Rocks Workout Principles

Dwayne Johnson has used a host of different workout styles over the years. When he turned are 40, he admits that he felt the need that he needed to train smarter if he was going to take it to the next level.
It was around this time (2011) that the rock more or less full embraced a more simplified “traditional” bodybuilding workout style. Dwayne says that the beauty of a simple workout structure and exercises is that its hard to stuff up, but you do need to ensure that you have good form, this is the key to building good quality muscle.
For each movie role, Dwayne changes up his workout according to the demands of the film, and has mentioned in many interviews that you must “know your role”.
Regardless of the movie, a few key components of the rocks workout remain unchanged;

  • 4am Wake up
  • Cup of coffee
  • Cardio workout for around 45-50mins, a favorite is the elliptical, presumably due to its low impact on the joints.
  • Breakfast
  • Hit the Gym, known by Dwayne as simply “banging and clanging”

This first 2-3 hours of each day, Dwayne refers to his “Anchor” and says that he knows that if he gets this training in that is will have the energy to work for another 12-16 hours.
The rock uses a host of different workout techniques to force his muscles to continue to grow, they are as follows;

Pyramid Structured Sets – This means Dwayne Johnson begins with higher reps, and a lower weight, and with each set of the exercise reduces reps and increase weight.

Reverse Pyramid Structured Sets – As the name suggests this is the opposite of the above technique, and you begin with a heavy weight you can only perform around 8 reps, then reduce the weight with each follow set so you can perform 10 and 12 reps respectively. Although this is less common to see in Dwayne Johnson’s workouts, this approach seems to be used occasionally.

Straight Structured Sets – This is when no change to the number of reps is made for any set, for example performing 3 sets of 10 reps.

Now in his mid 40’s, he’s a well-seasoned trainer. Quoted as saying “I go by feel,” , and remarks that when he’s in the gym “it’s all business” and can be seen on countless Instagram posts reminding us we need to “FOCUS!” . The Rock’s favourite body part? Legs, when training 6 days per week they get worked twice, on a 5 day per week schedule he makes sure to leave them for Saturday, allowing additional time to train them.

“The Rock ” Dwayne Johnson Gain and Pain Workout Routine.

In the film Gain and Pain Dwayne Johnson plays the cocaine addicted bodybuilder, Paul Doyle. In true Dwayne Johnson style, he was committed to beefing up his physique that he described as needing to have a “hard, animal quality” about it. Playing a character that was just released from prison where all they do is workout, in a movie that is centred around the culture of bodybuilding was no easy task, but the following workout helped him nail it.

Dwayne Johnson Gain and Pain Workout Monday Routine – Shoulders

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Seated Military Press Machine 3 21  
2 Dumbbell Lateral Raise super set with Dumbbell Front Raise 3 8  
3 Rear Delt Cable Raise 5 12,10,8,6,4  
4 Hammer Strength Shrug 5 12,10,8,6,4  
5 Four Way Neck Machine 4 12  

Dwayne Johnson Gain and Pain Workout Tuesday Routine – Back

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Wide Grip Lat Pull Down 5 12,10,8,6,4  
2 Close Grip Lat Pull Down 5 12,10,8,6,4  
3 One Arm Seated Row Machine 4 12  
4 Back Extension 4 15,15,12,12  

 Dwayne Johnson Gain and Pain Workout Wednesday Routine – Legs

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Leg Press 4 25,20,18,16  
2 Smith Machine Lunge 4 8  
3 Lying Leg Curl 4 12,10,8,6  
4 Standing Calf Raise 6 16  

Dwayne Johnson Gain and Pain Workout Thursday Routine – Arms

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Alternating Dumbbell Curl 5 12, 10, 8, 6 , 4  
2 Preacher Machine Curl 6 12, 10, 8, 6, 21, 21  
3 Cable Tricep Extension 5 12, 10, 8, 6, 20  
4 Overhead Cable Extension 4 12, 10, 8, 20  
5 One Arm Reverse Grip Tricep Extension 2 15  

Dwayne Johnson Gain and Pain Workout Friday Routine – Chest

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Incline Dumbbell Press 5 12, 10, 8, 6, 4  
2 Dumbbell Bench Press 5 12, 10, 8, 6, 4  
3 Cable Crossover 4 12  
4 Push Ups 4 15  

The Dwayne Johnson Gain and Pain Diet Plan

The Rock is know for his crazy eating schedule almost as much as his time in the gym.

The key to the Rocks Gain and Pain Diet is that he consumes a lot of protein, fibrous carbs, and starchy vegetables. Nutrition is everything. The Aim for the diet was to gain pounds of muscle while keeping fat gain to a minimum.

Sample Daily Diet;

  • Meal 1: 10 scrambled egg whites, 3 servings cream of rice or 1 cup oatmeal, 3 rice cakes, 24oz water
  • Meal 2: 6oz skinless grilled chicken breast, 1 cup grits, 6oz yams, 1 cup of steamed asparagus, 24oz water
  • Meal 3: 6oz tuna, 1 cup brown rice, 1 sliced cucumber, 24oz water
  • Meal 4: 6oz perch fillet, 1 cup barley, 6oz baked potato, 1 cup steamed green beans, 24oz water
  • Meal 5: 6oz pork tenderloin, 1 cup brown rice, 6oz sweet potato, 1 cup peas, 24oz water
  • Meal 6: 10 scrambled egg whites, 3 servings cream of rice or 1 cup oatmeal, 24oz water

The Rock, Dwayne Johnson Hercules Workout Routine and Diet Plan

When approaching the workout routine Dwayne Johnson’s goal was to “hopefully create a look that had never been seen before on-screen by any actor”, this a a bold statement especially when you consider Arnold in “Conan the barbarian”. The Rocks discuses in an interview with Muscle and fitness magazine that now that he is in his 40’s,  after decades of heavy training he can really nail the “grainy, deep muscle”. This idea is not new, and is especially apparent when you look a the guys competing in there mid 40’s on the Olympia stage in pro bodybuilder competitions.

Creating a look that had never been seen on the big screen before required upping the intensity of the rocks already crazy workout schedule. This included the now famous 12 labours diet as well as adding an extra day to the routine, training 6 days a week. The following Workout, and variations of it were performed for the 7 months leading up to the movie being filmed in June 2013.

Final Notes: The following workout consists of simple movements, and with the use of basic equipment that most gyms will have. This simple structure means that it is hard to “stuff up”, but just be sure you have good form through all movements, this is key to building high quality functional muscle. And as the Rock said himself “FOCUS!”.

“The Rock” Dwayne Johnson’s 12 Labors Diet Plan #TeamHercules

Dwayne Johnson gave the following high calorie diet a lot of the credit for the huge amount of weight he gained for the role of Hercules. As Most fitness professionals would agree weight gain, weight loss and general body recompilation starts in the kitchen. If you serious about getting the most of of the Hercules Workout, have a serious look at the below diet.

Just one last note, don’t just throw yourself in the deep end on this one, slowly raise calorie intake and just remember that this was the portion size for Dwayne to gain weight at 260 pounds, adjust your portion sizes accordingly.

Meal 1:

  • 10 oz Beef Fillet
  • 4 Egg Whites
  • 5 oz Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat (measured dry)

Meal 2:

  • 8 oz of Chicken
  • 2 Cups of White Rice
  • 1 Cup Broccoli

Meal 3:

  • 8 oz Halibut
  • 2 Cups of White Rice
  • 1 Cup Asparagus

Meal 4:

  • 8 oz Chicken
  • 12 oz Baked Potato
  • 1 Cup Broccoli

Meal 5:

  • 8 oz Halibut
  • 1.5 Cups White Rice
  • 1 Cup Asparagus

Meal 6

  • 8 oz Filet
  • 9 oz Baked Potato with salad

Meal 7

  • 30 grams Casein Protein
  • 10 Egg Whites Scrambled with Onions Peppers and Mushrooms

The Dwayne Johnson Baywatch Workout and Diet Routine

The topic on so many peoples minds, how did the rock train for the filming of the Baywatch remake? Well the answer is…. no one really knows for sure. We except for Dwayne and his trainer anyway. Around the time of the release of the Baywatch movie is when this “official” info will be released, but for the time been we can speculate!

From all the research i have done… around 20 hours worth :S I would suggest that the routine is very similar to the Hercules workout above but only training 5 days per week (only training legs once). In regards to the diet plan, i would imagine that the calorie intake have been lowered, as he has stated that his character is a bit lighter, so he needed to lean out a bit.

Hope that helps, keep an eye on this space and i will add the full Dwayne Johnson Baywatch workout as soon as it comes to light.

“The Rock” Dwayne Johnson’s Supplement Plan – What Supplements Does Dwayne Johnson Take?

Like most high profile professionals (that aren’t sponsored), The Rock keeps the exact supplements, quantities and brand names very very close to his chest. He has however however confirmed that he takes the following;

  • Glucosamine – Used for Joint Pain, repair of tendon/ligaments
  • Chondroitin – Used for Joint Pain
  • Multitude of Multi-vitamins – Supplement for Vitamin / Mineral deficiencies
  • Glutamine – Minimizes protein breakdown / Improve recovery
  • Branched-Chain Amino Acids – Minimizes protein breakdown / Improve recovery
  • Protein Shake (drank after training) – Minimizes protein breakdown / Improve recovery

See below for examples of the above supplements, where possible we have used the “Optimum Nutrition” Brand as it has been recommended by George Farah, Dwayne Johnson’s personal trainer.