Vin Diesel Workout Routine & Diet Plan


Vin Diesel Workout Routine

The famous routines that Vin Diesel performed  to get his signature body, that fitness freaks go crazy for.

Vin has appeared in many different movies over the years, and like the professional he is, he would change his workout routine to best suit the role he was to play. More recently his sole focus has been on the fast and the furious franchise, where he has focused on putting on muscle and not being a lean as we seen him in Chronicles of Riddick.

Although he isn’t the number 1 action man in Hollywood anymore, and his physique isn’t what it once was, we can still learn a thing or to two from the Vin Diesel workout

The Action Star Body Transformation – The Vin Diesel Workout

As an action movie actor, Vin Diesel has to adhere to a unique workout that no only gives him the on screen presence, but the stamina and agility to perform at high intensity while the camera is rolling.
To get you head around the Vin Diesel workout routine before jumping in, here is a brief break down;

  • The workout plan is 3 days a week. The remaining 4 days are for rest or you may perform stretching/yoga exercises on these rest days.
  • Vin Diesel also includes cardio exercises in his workout routines as they provide flexibility to help him perform action sequences.
  • Each exercise in the workout has 2 – 4 sets of 8 reps.

Vin Diesel Workout Routines

Download a copy of this workout for easy viewing while you train.

 Vin Diesel Workout Monday Routine – Chest / Triceps

1Flat bench press38 to 12 
2Incline dumbbell fly38 to 12 
3Decline bench press38 to 12 
4Close grip bench press38 to 12 
5Triceps extension38 to 12 
6Triceps cable pulldown38 to 12 

 Vin Diesel Workout Wednesday Routine – Back / Biceps

1Lat pulldown38 to 12 
2Dead lifts48 to 12 
3Barbell curls38 to 12 
4Dumbbell curls48 to 12 
5Hammer Curls38 to 12 

 Vin Diesel Workout Friday Routine – Legs / Shoulders

1Squats48 to 12 
2Calf Raising28 to 12 
3Barbell Press38 to 12 
4Upright Rows38 to 12 

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