The Truth About Six Pack Abs ReviewWhat really is the truth about six pack abs? i bought the program to find out for myself.

One of the most common fitness goals is getting a six-pack. Subsequently you’ll see lots of (usually frustrated) people banging out set after set of crunches and sit-ups in an attempt to achieve this fitness holy of holies.

Unfortunately, when it comes to developing six-pack abs, there is a lot of misinformation around and most exercisers are going about reaching their goal in a very ineffective way – that’s why six-packs are relatively rare. In fact, the vast majority of exercisers will never get a six-pack doing what they are doing now.

When it comes to getting a six-pack, you need to do more than a load of crunches and sit-ups – you need an approach that combines a sensible exercise program with a diet that promotes fat loss , lets see if Michael Geary has got the right ingredients in the Truth About Six Pack Abs.

What is “The Truth About  Abs” Program?

The Truth about Abs ReviewThe Truth About Abs is a workout and diet program by personal trainer, certified nutritionist and fitness author Mike Geary.

Michael Geary explains lays out a diet and exercise program designed to help you developed a lean, taut midsection that is based on scientific principles

As well as diet and exercise program, the program lays out the information on what not to do and discusses important topics such as how hormone imbalances may be holding your progress back and what you can do to address any imbalances.

He also discusses the use of natural supplement such are green tea and calcium and how they can make your diet and exercise efforts even more effective. There is also a very useful Q & A section to help clear up anything not addressed in the main body of the text.

In the e-book (140-page document), you will also find plenty meal and menu ideas,  an overview of the muscles that make up your  midsection, a list of ineffectual exercises to avoid and, of course, a list of “approved” six-pack abs exercises complete with detailed instructions and pictures.

Exercises are grouped into workouts – level one being the easiest and level eight being for abs experts only – so  whether you are an exercising neophyte or a gym legend, there are workouts suitable for your experience and fitness level.

A Sneak Peek Inside The Truth About Abs Program

Here is a small look inside only a few of the many eBooks you receive.
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How Does “The Truth About Abs” Work?

According to Geary, by eating fewer calories than you need on a daily basis, your body will be forced to burn fat for fuel.

Six Pack Abs ReviewBy burning the fat around your midsection, as well as the rest of your body, the outline of your muscles will become more visible and that’s how you get a visible six-pack. The diet in the Truth About Six-Pack Abs is a low carb, high protein, healthy fat-rich diet which is very effective for fat burning.

By limiting carb intake, your body is much more likely to burn fat for fuel and eating plenty of protein means you can still get to consume fairly large meals which will help keep you feeling full. The presence of healthy fats further enhances fat burning – yes, ironically eating the right fats can help you burn fat. Basically it trains your body to burn fat as fuel, instead of carbohydrates.

As your fat levels diminish, the Truth About Six-Pack Abs workouts target your abs from a variety of angles, making them stronger and larger and more visible. Not forgetting the rest of your body, the workouts also target rest of your body to further enhance fat burning and work your midsection indirectly with exercises like squats and deadlifts.

Exercise instructions are supplied and are demonstrated in pictures featuring a male and a female model so you can see them from both body structural perspectives.

Geary favour full body workout for maximum calorie burning effect and prefers free weights and body weight exercises over resistance training machines because, he says, you’ll burn more calories that way.

Geary is also a fan of cardio but does not believe that slow paced cardio is the most effective way to burn fat. Instead, he prefers his cardio to be short and sharp and in the form of interval training which will burn a lot more fat. An additional benefit of interval training is that start/stop stye workouts actually take less time than uninterrupted steady paced 60 minute cardio sessions. you Just have to be prepared to put in effort, because trust me it can be hard work.

Pros and Cons of the Truth About Abs Program

I don’t doubt Mike Geary’s Truth About Six-Pack Abs program contains all of the information you need to develop your very own six-pack, but don’t underestimate the work it required regardless of the program you follow.

Truth About Abs Program ReviewIt’s a well-thought out plan that uses sensible approaches to diet and exercise to get you where you want to be. It’s written in plain English and easy to understand – even if you aren’t very familiar with fitness terms. The workouts are graded so you can choose the workout that is right for your current fitness level and Mike’s personal training credentials shine through in his clear exercise instructions.

On the down side, if you are looking for a magical workout that will deliver results with little effort, you will be disappointed . The real truth in the Truth About Six-Pack Abs e-book is that there are no quick fixes or short cuts and you will have to eat clean and train hard if you want to rise above the rest of the people at your gym and develop a midsection to be proud of.

Conclusion – The Truth About Abs

If you think you have what it takes, you will get great results for the program. Also worth mentioning now that the program has been around for a while it is heavily discounted, so you can get it for a great price.