Terry crews ripped workout

Learn the workouts thats keeps former NFL player Terry Crews in amazing shape over 40

Former NFL player, Terry Crews has carved a successful career for himself as an actor, staring in TV hits like “Brooklyn Nine” and “The Newsroom,” as well testosterone-dripping Hollywood vehicles such as “The Expendables.”

Crews most distinct feature is his herculean build. In a city, where being ripped and fit is the norm, Terry Crews may just be one of the fittest men in Hollywood. And here is how he does it.

The Intense Terry Crews Workout

As part of his plans to stay fit, Terry Crews runs an average of four miles every day. He restricts his weight training to just four times a week.

Crews advises people who wish to workout to start slow. Instead of trying to run four miles on your first day, set a half-mile target and try to run it in 20 minutes. After a few months, you will find yourself running longer distances.

While working out, Terry Crews focuses on maintaining the proper form, something that is essential for preventing injuries.

However, perhaps the biggest key to building a body like Crews is consistency. The actor advises that people create a good workout schedule and avoid laziness.

For the movie “The Expendables”, Crews intensified his workout to ensure that he was in the right shape to share the screens with the likes of Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone. This demanding workout has only one rest day, so before you begin, you may want to ensure you have everything you need (including your meals).

Terry Crews Workout Routine

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 Terry Crews Workout - Day 1 - Shoulders - Circuit 1

  Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Upright Rows (with a 135lb barbell)  4  6  (no rest between each set)
2  Clean and Press (with a 135lb barbell)  4  6  (no rest between each set)
3  Bent over rows (with a 135lb barbell)  4  6  (no rest between each set)
4  Jump Squats (with a 135lb barbell)  4  6  (no rest between each set)
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 Terry Crews Workout - Day 1 - Shoulders - Circuit 2

  Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Front Raise (with dumbbells)  4  6  (no rest between each set)
2 Arnold Press (with dumbbells)  4  6  (no rest between each set)
3 Lateral Raise (with dumbbells)  4  6  (no rest between each set)
4 Bent over Reverse Fly (with dumbbells)  4  6  (no rest between each set)
Run 1 30min Complete after Circuits
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 Terry Crews Workout - Day 2 - Chest

  Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Power Cleans  4  6
2 Incline Bench  4  6
3 Chest Flyers  4  6
4 Bicep Curls  4  6
5 Dips  4  6
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 Terry Crews Workout - Day 3 - Cardio

  Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Run  1  30 to 45min
2 Swim  1  30min
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 Terry Crews Workout - Day 4 - Back

  Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Dead Lifts  4  6  Start with 135 lbs and end with 405 lbs
2 Pull-ups  4  Failure
3 Hammer Strength row  4  6  Start with one plate on one side and end with 4 to 5 plates
4 Bent Over rows  4  6  Start with 135 lbs and end with 185 lbs
5 Run  1  30mins
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 Terry Crews Workout - Day 5 - Chest

  Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Squats  4  6  Add Weight on each set
2 Single Leg Press  4  6  Add Weight on each set
3 Leg Curl/Leg Extensions  4  6  Add Weight on each set
4 Hack Squats  4  6
5 Ab Roller  1  100 to 200

Terry Crews Diet Plan

Terry Crews has such drive and commitment that even in his mid 40s, he is even more ripped than he was a two decades earlier.

A key part to his amazing fitness is his diet, Crews keeps his meal high in protein.

He does not count calories or follow any rigid rules. After years of working out, he can instinctively pick out the right foods in the right amount, without having to stare at labels. Portion control is important. That said, Crews indulges himself occasionally on a few treats, and can sometimes get slack with his diet.

To prevent this, he writes down everything he eats twice a year for a month and then reviews his calorie intake. It gives him a clearer picture of the poor eating patterns that he has developed.

For the most parts, his diet consists of lots of lean meat and veggies. To ensure he always has a source of protein, he prepares his meals in advance, for instance, grilling meat over the weekend and then storing it for the week.

The following is an example of what Crew’s daily diet would look like:

Meal 1: Apple & Vitamins

Meal 2: Protein Shake

Meal 3: Yogurt & Granola

Meal 4: Chicken Salad

Meal 5: Protein Shake

Meal 6: Chicken Breast