Slyvester Stallone Workout RoutineDevelop a knockout physique like the undefeated heavyweight champion of Hollywood, Sly Stallone!

Sylvester Stallone has arguably one of the best physiques in Hollywood – especially when you consider that he is now 67 years old. For the original Rocky movie, he looked fit but not particularly muscular but fast forward nearly 40-years and 21st century Sly looks better than actors less than half his age. It seems that Sly is aging in reverse and getting fitter and more muscular each year. Sporting between 4 and 7-percent body fat and enough muscle mass to make a bodybuilder weep, there is no denying that Stallone looks every inch the action hero he portrays on screen.

Principles of the Sylvester Stallone Workout

For the Rocky movies, Stallone employed former Mr. Olympia and friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Colombo as his trainer and the change in his physique from Rocky I to Rocky IV is remarkable.

Muscular and lean, Stallone out muscled all of his Hollywood contemporaries including the aforementioned Arnold and while the Austrian Oak was busy enjoying life in politics and losing much of his hard-won muscle, Stallone just kept on getting fitter and stronger.

Stallone is a firm believer in training hard and often and supports his workouts with a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. He places an emphasis on rest and recuperation and supplements wisely to ensure his 60-year old body continues to not just survive but thrive on workouts that would slay a younger man. Stallone’s current training routine is heavily influenced by the workouts he did with Franco and follow a bodybuilding split that sees muscles trained twice or even three times a week.

Such a high volume of exercise is not for the feint hearted and is something  hat typical trainee should ease into gradually. Remember, Stallone is a weight training veteran of over 40 years so he has earned the right to train twice a day six-days a week.

When not training specifically for a role, Stallone reportedly cuts back on his training volume and hits the gym three times a week for 90-minutes per session. This, says Stallone, allows him to maintain his physique and leaves him feeling “really good and much stronger than I have ever felt”.

However, like an athlete training for the Olympics, when a movie rolls around, Stallone makes sure he is in peak physical condition.

The Sylvester Stallone Workout

 Sylvester Stallone Workout Monday, Wednesday & Friday Morning Routine – Chest / Back / Abs

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Incline bench press 4 8-10  
2 Dumbbell flys 4 10-12  
3 Close grip bench press 5 6-8  
4 Wide grip chin ups 6 8-10  
5 Bent over one arm dumbbell raises 4 8-10  
6 Close grip seated rows 4 10-12  
7 Raised leg crunches 3 8-10
8 Seated extension 3 8-10

 Sylvester Stallone Workout Monday, Wednesday & Friday Afternoon Routine – Shoulders / Arms / Abs

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Military shoulder press 4 8-10  
2 Side dumbbell raises 4 10-12  
3 Bent over dumbbell flys 5 6-8  
4 Barbell curls 3 8-10  
5 Incline seated dumbbell curls 3 8-10  
6 Concentration curls 4 10-12  
7 Lying dumbbell raises 3 8-10
8 Bent over one arm dumbbell raises 3 8-10
9 Cable pull downs with rope 3 10
10 Alternating leg raises 3 8-10
11 Decline bench sit ups: 3 8-10
12 Oblique crunches on floor 3 6-8

 Sylvester Stallone Workout Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Morning Routine – Calves / Thighs

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Seated calf raises 4 8-10  
2 Standing calf raises 4 10-12  
3 Barbell standing calf alternating raises 5 8-12  
4 Incline leg press 4 8-10  
5 Squats 4 8-10  
6 Seated leg extensions 4 8-10  
7 Ham string curls 4 10-12
8 Leg extensions 4 10-12
9 Stiff leg dead left 4 10-12

 Sylvester Stallone Workout Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Afternoon Routine – Rear Deltoids / Traps / Abs

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Bent over dumbbell raise lateral 4 8-10  
2 Cable crossovers 4 10-12  
3 Reverse pec deck 5 8-12  
4 Barbell shrugs front 4 8-10  
5 Barbell upright rows 4 8-10  
6 Flat bench cable rows to neck 4 8-10  
7 Ab crunch 4 8
8 Oblique crunches 4 10
9 Cable crunch 4 10-12

 The Sylvester Stallone Diet Plan

Stallone follows a hunter/gatherer type diet that he laughingly called the green face diet; if it had a face or it is a green vegetable, he eats a lot of it!

He also eats plenty of fruit, brightly colored vegetables and some whole grains but avoids refined sugar and alcohol. Eating little and often helps keep this Hollywood legend properly fuelled for his workouts but also as lean as any top athlete – despite his advanced age.

It’s clear that Stallone’s workout and diet plan works for him. While it may be too much for the typical exerciser, we can all learn from his consistent approach to training and nutrition. If, at the age of 67, Stallone can look totally awesome, with hard work and will power, so can you.

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