Ronnie Coleman Bodybuilder WorkouBuild pavement-cracking muscle mass with the eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman workout routine.

Arguably one of the most successful bodybuilders ever, he won the coveted Mr. Olympia title eight times in a row – a feat only matched by fellow Olympia star Lee Haney. He also holds the record for the most International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) wins having won 26 titles.

Principles of  the Ronnie Coleman Workout

A onetime policeman, Coleman is credited with changing the face of bodybuilding forever as he set a new standard in both muscle size and definition.

At his competitive best, Coleman tipped the scales at a massive 300 lbs making him one of the biggest bodybuilders ever.

Ronnie Coleman’s approach to training can best be described as “power building”. In his early days, Coleman was a competitive powerlifter, a sport that contests the squat, bench press and deadlift. His training reflected his strongman roots and was in many ways quite different to the training of a typical bodybuilder.

Where many bodybuilders focused on moderate weights, high repetitions and machine exercises, Coleman swore by very heavy weights, relatively low repetitions and mostly trained with free weights. Ronnie Coleman is one of the hardest training, heaviest lifting, and strongest bodybuilders of all time.

Coleman retired from competition in 2007 but he periodically threatens to come out of retirement and is still in good shape for a man fast approaching his 50th birthday.

Ronnie Coleman favored a six-way split where different body parts were trained on different days. This allowed Coleman to not only train very hard and heavy but also do a high volume of exercise for each muscle group and hit important muscle groups twice per week.

Remember that as a professional sportsman, Coleman had a lot of time to devote not only to training but also to rest and recovery and while his workout was undeniably effective it may be too hard for a typical gym rat bodybuilder wannabe!

The Ronnie Coleman Workout

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 Ronnie Coleman Monday Routine – Back, Shoulders & Biceps

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Deadlifts  4  6-12  
2  Barbell rows  3  10-12  
3  T-bar rows  4-10  12  
4  One-arm dumbbell rows  3  10-12
5  Barbell curls  4  12  
6  Seated alternate dumbbell curls  1  12
7  Cambered-bar preacher curls  1  12
8  Standing cable curls  1  12
9  Military presses  4  10-12
10  Seated dumbbell presses  4  12
11  Front dumbbell presses  4  12

 Ronnie Coleman Tuesday Routine – Legs

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Squats  2  12  
2  Leg presses  4  12  
3  Walking lunges  2  100yards  
4  Stiff-leg Deadlifts  3  12
5  Seated leg curls  3  12  

 Ronnie Coleman Wednesday Routine – Chest and Tricep

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Bench presses  5  12  
2  Incline barbell presses  3  12  
3  Flat dumbbell presses  3  12  
4  Flat flyes  12  12
5  Seated cambered-bar extensions  3  12  
6  Seated dumbbell extensions  4  12
7  Close-grip bench presses  4  12

 Ronnie Coleman Thursday Routine – Back, Biceps & Shoulders

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Barbell rows  5  10-12  
2  Pulley Rows  4  10-12  
3  Machine pull downs  3  10-12  
4  Front pull downs  3  10-12
5  Incline alternate dumbbell curls  4  12  
6  Machine curls  3  12
7  Standing cable curls  4  12
8  Seated dumbbell presses  4  12
9  Front dumbbell raises  3  8-25
10  Machine raises  3  8-25

 Ronnie Coleman Friday Routine – Legs

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Leg extensions  4  30  
2  Front squats  4  12-15  
3  Hack squats  3  12  
4  Standing leg curls  3  12-15
5  Lying leg curls  3  12  

 Ronnie Coleman Saturday Routine – Chest, Tricep and Abs

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Incline dumbbell presses  4  12  
2  Decline barbell presses  3  12  
3  Incline dumbbell flyes  3  12  
4  Decline dumbbell presses  3  12
5  Lying cambered-bar extensions  4  12  
6  Machine dips  4  12
7  Seated cambered-bar extensions  4  12
8  Donkey raises  4  12
9  Seated raises  4  12
10  Crunches  3  12

Ronnie Coleman’s Diet Plan

To fuel his hardcore workouts and build his massive muscles, Ronnie Coleman ate a lot of bodybuilding staple foods such as chicken, potatoes, rice, lean beef, eggs, oatmeal, beans and vegetables as well as frequent servings of whey protein powder.He is a big fan of grits.

Consuming enough food was always a battle for big Ron and sometimes, during the offseason, he would resort to eating burgers or fried chicken simply to ensure he was consuming enough calories to build his muscles. However, to get lean, he was all about plain chicken and green vegetables – boring but effective.

Ronnie Coleman had amazing genetics for strength and bodybuilding and his program reflects his natural ability to gain muscle. If you want to build muscles like Coleman’s, follow his workout routine but make sure you eat a lot and get plenty of rest; this is not a workout for the feint hearted!