Lazar Angelov Model WorkoutGet a lean aesthetically magnificant build with the Lazar Angelo workout routine.

Lazar Angelov is one of the most well known fitness models in the world today. After quitting professional basketball, followed by a short 12-month stint with the army, Angelov decided to make physical fitness the number 1 love in his life.

Today, Angelov models for big name fitness brands such as Nike and is a personal trainer on the side,to those wealthy enough to afford his services. Angelovs reputation of achieving great results, as well as having one of the most aesthetic physiques in the world, has made him a celebrity within the fitness community.

The Principles of The Lazar Angelov Workout

The Lazar Angelov workout routine consists of heavy resistance training workouts while maintaining good form.

Angelov prefers to work out a different muscle group each day, and trains six times a week.

Angelov mixes up his exercises, but never drifts too far from the staples of  bench press, dead lifts, and squats. This and maximizing his natural testosterone level though diet and supplementation, gives Lazar lean muscle with paper thin skin,

Lazar Angelov tries to perform these exercises in multiple times per week, which can lead to burnout for the average lifter. That said, Although Angelov has a set out workout schedule, he pays close attention to his body, and rests whenever he feels like his body needs some time out to recover.
Because Lazar Angelov is an ectomorph body type, he limits the amount of aerobic exercises that he does during the day. It allows him to preserve his muscle mass and increase his gains. Unless it is really cold, Angelov prefers to jog or spring out in the park, instead of the gym.

Mixing his cardio with HIIT,  trying to avoid exercises that require a lot of arm movement, which may lead to a loss in muscle mass. During his cardio routines, Angelov focuses on speed and not length; he rarely spends more than 20 minutes on cardio.

 Lazar Angelov Workout Monday Routine – Chest / Abs

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
Flat Bench Press 4 8 to 10
Incline Bench 4 8 to 10
Decline Bench 4 8 to 10
Machine Pull over 3 10 to 12
Hammer Press 3 10 to 12
Dips 3 10 to 12
Weighted Sit ups 4 10 to 12

 Lazar Angelov Workout Tuesday Routine – Back / Traps

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
Bent over row 4  8 to 10
Dead Lift 4 8 to 10
Pull Downs 4 10 to 12
Pull ups 4 10 to 12
Seated Cable Row 4 10 to 12
Standing with wrist curl behind back 4
Shrugs 6
Reverse wrist curl 3

 Lazar Angelov Workout Wednesday Routine – Shoulder / Abs

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
Military Press behind the Back 4 6 to 8
Machine Chest press 4 6 to 8
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4 8 to 10
Weight Plate front raise 4 8 to 10
Reverse pec Deck 4 8 to 10
Reverse Fly’s on incline bench 4 10 to 12
Side Crunches 4 to failure
Side Bends 4 to failure

 Lazar Angelov Workout Friday Routines – Biceps / Triceps / Forearms

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
 Close Grip bench press 4 10 to 12
 Triceps Push downs 4 10 to 12
 EZ Bar skull crusher 4 10
 Cable Kick back 4 8
 Hammer Curl 4 8
 EZ Bar Curl 4 8
 Wide Grip Curl 4 8
 Concentration Curl 4 12
 Standing with wrist curl behind back 1 Till Failure
 Reverse barbell with wrist curl 1 Till Failure

 Lazar Angelov Workout Saturday Routine – Legs / Abs

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
 Squats 4  12
 Squats to bench 4  12
 Quad Extensions 4  16
 Bulgarian squats 4  10
 Leg curls 4  12
 Stiff leg dead lifts 4  10
 Calf Machine raises 4  20
 Seated Calf raises 4  20
 Leg press calf raises 4  20
 Glute Kickbacks 4  20
 Weighted sit-ups 4  Till Failure
 Air Bike 4  Till Failure
 Barbell twists 4  Till Failure
 Side bends 4  Till Failure

Lazar Angelov Diet Plan

Angelov’s body fat ratio varies from 12% to 3%, depending on the season (for health reasons, he bulks up over the winter). His daily diet comprises of six to seven meals spread out across the day.

Ideally, he aims at eating every 2 hours, consuming an average of 35 grams of protein per meal. Unlike some athletes, Angelov avoids ketogenic diets (caloric restrictive diets)  because they cause him to lose muscle mass.

So he either mixes his high protein intake with low carb sources or goes on a carb cycling diet. This allows him to maintain his muscle density. The downside is that, adding carbs to his diet reduces the speed at which his body burns fat.

This “slow fat loss” model is not the approach widely used in Hollywood or promoted online. This is  because it doesn’t have the  hype of loosing 10kg in 10 days although it gives you better results in the long term.

Alongside Angelov  meals, he also takes supplements to make up for any vitamin or mineral gaps.

The following is a sample of Angelov’s typical daily diet:
  • Meal 1: Eggs, Oatmeal, Grapefruit, and peanut butter
  • Meal 2: Chicken, rice, and Broccoli.
  • Meal 3: Tuna Fish, Avocado, with Pasta
  • Meal 4: Chicken and Rice
  • Meal 5: Green Salad and Salmon
  • Meal 6: Broccoli and Cottage cheese.
 Lazar Angelov’s three tips for success
  • Stay consistent with your training and diet
  • Be patient
  • Never give up.

As Angelov says “When you really, really want something, nothing can stop you from achieving it.”