Kellan Lutz Workout RoutineLearn the workout routine that will help build the muscular exterior of a Greek god in no time.

Kellan Lutz is an American actor and fashion model. Lutz’s acting career began in 2006, but it was not until 2009, when he was cast to play Emmet Cullen, a vampire in “The Twilight” movies, that his career really took off.

Between 2011 and 2014, Lutz played two different characters based on Greek mythology: first as Poseidon, the supreme Greek God of the ocean in the movie “The Immortals,” and then as Hercules, the powerful demigod, in the film “The Legend of Hercules.” Both roles required a challenging workout routine, to shape his 6-foot-1frame to look the part.

Kellan Lutz Workout – Breaking it Down

The Kellan Lutz workout involves a mix or resistance training, cardio, and plyometric exercises.

Unlike some actors, Lutz does not like working with a particular routine. He enjoys mixing his workouts. As Lutz describes it, he wakes up in the morning before 7:00, goes for a run, does some pushups, runs some more, does more pushups and then does pull-ups

However, for the movie Immortal and The Legend of Hercules, Lutz increased the intensity of his workout, spending a lot more time lifting weights to pack on the added muscle mass that he needed. To ensure that he remained ripped, he also altered his diet, switching to a low-carb paleo diet.

For a workout that effectively engaged his triceps, core, biceps, hamstrings, and quads, Lutz turned to his personal trainer Rich McDonald who helped create a workout routine that would accomplish all this, with one important difference.

Instead of creating a series of workouts that targeted different parts of the body in bits, McDonald designed a workout routine, made up of explosive exercises, body-training exercises, and weight training exercises, that targeted the entire body core.

As McDonald pointed out: focusing too much on a particular area often leads to injury. With his workout, Lutz was able to get an even body tone. To get the most out of Lutz’s workout you should first aim at completing each of the exercises in session. Then aim at completing three circuits as your stamina and strength increases.

The Kellan Lutz Workout Routine

 Kellan Lutz Workout Monday and Thursday Routine

  Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Lying leg raise  3 20
2  Fold Up  3 20
3  Hang Clean/Push Press  3 12
4  Push up  3 12
5  Incline Dumbbell press  3 12
6  Explosive pushup  3 12 Aim for your chest to nearly touch the floor
7  Lunge  3 12
8  Goblet squat  3 12 For good form, keep your torso straight, and your elbow pointed to the floor.

 Kellan Lutz Workout Tuesday and Friday Routine

  Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Single-Arm Cable Curl (use a Lunge Position)  3 10 – 15  Try to keep your body still while performing this workout. This will ensure that you engage the right muscles. After completing the first rep, switch your arms and legs and repeat.
2 Rolling Medicine Ball Push-Ups  3 10 – 20
3 Dumbbell Overhead Press  3 10 – 15  Switch legs and repeat.

 Kellan Lutz Workout Wednesday and Saturday Routine

  Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Barbell Full Snatch  3 10 – 15  Superset
2 Rear-Foot Elevated Split Squat  3 10 – 15  Superset
3 Jumping Lunges  3 20  Superset
4 Running Pull-ups  3  8 – 15

Kellan Lutz Diet Plan

Lutz maintains a high protein-low carb diet, made up of lean meat and healthy protein sources: tofu and eggs. To keep his metabolism going, he eats small meals every 3 hours and never skips out on breakfast.

For breakfast, Lutz often turns to oatmeal, which contains protein and slow-burning carbs. Eating before he gets hungry, helps prevent him from overeating.

At night, he has a boiled egg to stave off hunger pangs, while giving his body a source of protein to keep his muscles active. Vegetables are also important. Eat the Rainbow. Lutz mixes his meals with richly colored vegetables—not just the green leafy kind. Lutz also never forgets to stay hydrated, drinking at least a gallon of water every day.

An important tip that Lutz offers for cutting down on unnecessary carbs is to eat slowly. “Even if you’re eating a Pizza, go slowly.” Lutz also advocates preparing meals with healthy fats such as coconut oil, which comes packed with healthy medium-chain-triglycerides that help burn fat and provide energy.

Finally, Lutz never forgets to take his protein powder after each workout to ensure that his body has the vitamins and nutrients that it needs to fuel muscle growth.

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