Justin Bieber Workout routine and dietGet lean and build muscle with the worlds most popular stud with the Justin Bieber’s workout and diet plan!

Justin Bieber is never going to be huge; he is an ectomorph which means he is naturally lightly muscled and lean.

However, that doesn’t mean he can’t look impressive when his shirt comes off. The thing with ectomorphs is that even if they gain a little bit of muscle, their naturally low levels of body fat mean they look far more impressive than bigger, less lean guys. Check out pictures of the late Bruce Lee to see what I mean!

The Justin Bieber Workout – The Breakdown

Bieber, with help from his trainer and a nutritionist, has lowered his body fat levels to single digits while adding an impressive amount of muscle and is currently looking healthy and athletic.

Currently, Bieber’s aim is to increase his upper body mass as his energetic stage shows keep his legs in great shape and is placing an emphasis on his chest and arms as these muscles are the showiest.

As of 2016, Bieber works out five times a week for 40-minutes per session. This is about right for an ectomorph as naturally slim (and very active guys like Bieber) cannot recover from longer workouts.

Bieber’s workouts are built around compound or multi joint exercises that work several muscles at the same time. This is arguably the best way to develop bigger muscles fast as they allow you to life the most weight.

He does three exercises per body part, four sets per exercise to total 12-sets per muscle group. This is neither high or low volume and provides an effective workout for the young Canadian’s growing muscles. Bieber’s workouts focus on 8 to 12-rep sets which is a classic prescription for building muscle.

Bieber favors plyometrics or jumping exercises, leg presses and lunges for his lower body workouts – exercises that will add muscle while increasing his athleticism. For his back workouts, Bieber cranks out sets of pull-ups, dumbbell rows, dumbbell shrugs and cable rows – all great back builders.

Chest, one of Bieber’s favorite body parts, is trained with bench press, pushups, weighted dips and flys while his shoulder training revolves around free weight moves such as barbell military presses, dumbbell shoulder presses, dumbbell lateral raises and reverse flys.

Another Bieber favorite is arm training. Justin wants to add mass to his arms and performs skull crushers, close grip bench presses, triceps extensions plus variations of barbell and dumbbell curls.  Biceps are usually trained on the same day as chest and are Bieber’s favorite workout of the week – he calls this workout “fun day”.

Because ectomorphs are naturally lean, Bieber limits the amount of cardio he does as doing lots of treadmill running or biking would rob him of the energy needed for his dance training and would limit his strength and muscle gains.

To maintain his already impressive six pack, Bieber favors Roman chair leg raises, front/side crunches and twisting leg raises.

The Justin Bieber Workout Routine

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 Justin Bieber Workout Monday Routine – Chest / Biceps

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Bench press 4 8-12  
2 Dumbbell flys 4 8-12  
3 Pushups 4 8-12  
4 Barbell biceps curls 4 8-12
5 Dumbbell curls 4 8-12  
6 Cable curls 4 8-12

 Justin Bieber Workout Tuesday Routine – Legs

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Box jumps 4 8-12  
2 Leg press 4 8-12  
3 Walking lunges 4 8-12  
4 Calf raises 4 8-12

 Justin Bieber Workout Thursday Routine – Back and Tricep

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Pull ups 4 8-12  
2 Seated Cable rows 4 8-12  
3 1-arm dumbbell rows 4 8-12  
4 Weighted dips 4 8-12  
5 Triceps pushdowns 4 8-12  
6 Skull crushers 4 8-12  

 Justin Bieber Workout Friday Routine – Shoulder

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Barbell Military press 4 8-12
2 Side lateral raises 4 8-12
3 Reverse flys 4 8-12  

Justin Bieber Diet Plan

Building muscle can be tough when you are an ectomorph like Justin Bieber and while his diet is generally good and healthy, he allows himself to eat junk food from time to time to ensure he has enough energy to workout, gain muscle and perform.

Bieber eats four to six times a day – more when he is especially active – and drinks a lot of water and green tea. Green tea is packed full of healthy anti-oxidants, helps with fat burning and also provides a good caffeine hit to help Justin keep his energy levels up so he can maintain his exhausting schedule.

He supplements his daily food intake with protein shakes to ensure he is consuming enough of the right nutrients to build muscle. Ectomorphs often find it hard to gain weight so Bieber ensures he always eats enough healthy and nutritious food to keep him adequately fueled.

Justin Bieber works hard to build his ever improving physique and is a testament to the fact that even naturally slim guys can gain impressive amounts of muscle if they train hard and eat right. Avoid over training, focus on compound lifts and eat lots of good food and you too can add muscle to your body – just like Justin Bieber did.