John cena WWE workoutLearn to be as strong as you look with WWE tough guy, John Cena’s latest workout routine and diet plan

John Cena is a professional WWE wrestler, movie star, bodybuilder and rapper whose physique is nothing short of amazing.
Cena not only looks strong, he is strong and is also supremely athletic – something that becomes increasingly obvious whenever you see him in action in the ring.

In the old days, trainers often said that strength training could make you slow and muscle bound but athletes like Cena have definitely put this myth out to pasture!

A Small Beginning – The John Cena Workout Principles

Contrary to popular opinion, John Cena is not a naturally muscular man. In fact, in high school, he was a slightly built 120lbs.

Fast forward to today and after years of diligent training and attention to his diet, Cena tips the scales at a hard and ripped 240lbs and is arguably the best built WWE superstar ever.

Cena credits his amazing muscle mass to years of heavy lifting and focusing on compound exercises such as squats, bench presses and deadlifts with a focus on low reps and huge weights but now focuses more on lighter weights and higher reps. John Cena reportedly gained 27lbs in seven months using this workout and as he is an advanced athlete just goes to show how effective this style of workout can be.

John Cena uses a bodybuilding style five day split routine that involves a high volume of exercise. This high volume of exercise promotes a huge pump – an increase in blood flow into the working muscles – which makes it a very effective way to maintain or build muscle. Each exercise is performed using perfect exercise technique to ensure that injury risks are as low as possible and the workout is as effective as it can be.


The John Cena Workout Routine

 John Cena Workout Monday Routine – Legs and Calves

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Seated calf raises  10  10-20  
2  Standing calf raises  4  25  
3  Standing single leg curls  4  20-25  
4  Leg presses  5  20  
5  Leg extensions  4  15  
6  Squats  4  10
7 Hack squats  3  15
8 Single leg extensions  3  10

 John Cena Workout Monday Routine – Chest

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Incline machine press  5  20  
2  Incline barbell press  5  20  
3  Machine flies  3  15  
4  Cable flies  3  15  
5  Bench  3  10  

 John Cena Workout Monday Routine – Arms

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Preacher curls  5  12  
2  Standing barbell curl  3  10-12  
3  Seated dumbbell curl  3  10-12  
4  Standing cable curl  3-4  12  
5  Rope push downs  3  20  
6  Single-arm cable push downs  3  10
7  Lying triceps extension  6  Failure
8  Overhead cambered  3  20
9  Seated barbell extension  3  20
10  Dips  3  Failure

 John Cena Workout Monday Routine – Shoulders

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Rear deltoid machine flies  5  20  
2  Machine overhead press  5  20  
3  Machine side laterals  5  20  
4  Seated military  3  10  
5  Dumbbell laterals  3  12  
6  Standing barbell press  3  10

 John Cena Workout Monday Routine – Back

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Lat pull downs  5  20  
2  Bent barbell rows  5  12-20  
3  One arm dumbbell rows  5  12-20  
4  Deadlifts  4  8-15  
5  High rows  4  20  
6  Pull ups  4  failure
7  Shrugs  5  20

John Cena Diet Plan

You can’t build a house without bricks and you can’t build muscle without food so John Cena pays a lot of attention to what he eats.

As he has to look good as well as be very strong, Cena eats clean most of the time and works hard to ensure that he doesn’t gain a lot of fat along with his muscle.

To fuel his workouts, the wrestler turned actor consumes lots of lean protein such as chicken and turkey, eats plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit and fills up on whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice which give him energy for what is a very active lifestyle. Cena keeps his muscles supplied with muscle building energy by eating five or more times a day.


Oatmeal with applesauce and raisins and a 2 whole eggs and 6 egg whites omelet


Protein bar


Two chicken breasts, brown rice and vegetables


Tuna fish and salad in a whole wheat pita bread


Banana and whey protein shake


Chicken or fish with whole wheat pasta or brown rice with vegetables and salad


Low fat cottage cheese along with a casein protein shake

Cena’s workout routine is not meant for beginners – it contains a very high volume of exercise. However, if you are an intermediate or advanced lifter you too could gain 27lbs in as little as seven months following this tried and tested routine.