Joe Manganiello Workout RoutineBurn away the Fat and and build the physique of a Werewolf Hunk using Joe Mangaiello’s workout routine and diet plan

At the age of 25, Joe Manganiello was arguably a hunk. Now—more than a decade after—the 6ft 5 actor has evolved into something nearing godlike status.
With a rippling physique and a gorgeously untamed shreded look, Manganiello has the Hollywood industry in awe of his near perfect build. That he currently is not an A-list star is one of the riddles that constantly stump entertainment critics. A regular cast member of the popular vampire TV show, “True Blood” Joe Manganiello works hard to keep his body in its amazing shape. It involves a strict watch on his diet combined with a full body routine.

Principles of the Joe Manganiello Workout

In an interview with Rachel Ray, Manganiello points out “I train like a pro athlete, not like an actor who’s just trying to look pretty.”

To get in shape for his True Blood character-Alcide Herveaux, who is also a werewolf—Manganiello turned to celebrity trainer Ron Matthews (who coincidentally worked with Hugh Jackman for the Wolverine). The result of this alliance was a 6-day workout.

Because Joe Manganiello was already in good shape, the Joe Manganiello Workout was designed to help lower the overall body fat while defining the muscles. It consisted of a mix of high rep low weight workouts and a lot of cardio.

A notable part of Manganiello workout is also the way each muscle group is worked. Instead of focusing on the bulkier parts of the muscle, most of the routines work the muscle tips, which is key to creating better definition.

Manganiello starts out with light workout routines early in the morning (on an empty stomach) and then ramps up the intensity in the afternoon during the second workout. Note: Debunking the old myth that suggested otherwise, studies now prove that working out on an empty stomach can help in burning fat.

At the end of a three-month period, Manganiello lost 12 pounds, and lowered his body weight to 8%. His secret? Maganiello says, “Everybody is looking for this fad diet or something, but there really is no secret. There is no fad. Just exercise. Get in there and break a sweat every day. That is my secret. My secret is, ‘There is no secret.’”

So here is the workout—in all its sweat-inducing glory.

Joe Manganiello Workout Routine

 Joe Manganiello Workout Monday & Thursday Routine – Chest / Legs

Exercise Set Type Sets Reps Rest Notes
Elliptical Machine Cardio 1 1 hour 20 mins 75% Intensity
Bench press Super Set 3-4 8 60 secs
Bicep Curls
Incline press Super Set 3-4 8 60 secs
Bicep Curls
DB Chest Flys Super Set 3-4 8 60 secs
DB Rollouts (forward)
Cable Flys Straight Set 3-4 8 60 secs
One Legged Squat Super Set 3-4 8 60 secs
KB Goblet Squats
Leg curls Super Set 3-4 12 60 secs
Plyo Squat Jumps
Leg extensions Straight Set 3-4 12 60 secs
Stiff-Legged Deadlift Straight Set 3-4 8 60 secs
Calf raises Straight Set 3-4 15 60 secs
Hanging Leg Raises Super Set 3-4 12 60 secs
Bench Hip Ups

 Joe Manganiello Workout Tuesday and Thursday Routines – Back / Biceps

Exercise Sets Reps Rest Notes
Treadmill 1  1 hour 20 mins Do in morning, weights in afternoon.
Lat pull-downs 3-4 8 60 secs
Seated Pulley Rows 3-4 8 60 secs
Pullups 3-4 8 60 secs finger tips only
Bicep Curls 3-4 8 60 secs
Bicep Curls w/Twist 3-4 8 60 secs
Hammer Curls 3-4 8 60 secs
Functional Cable Curls 3-4 8 60 secs
Tire Throws 3 15 30 secs
Crazy Crunches 3 25+ 30 secs  do more if you can

 Joe Manganiello Workout Wednesday and Saturday Routine  – Shoulders / Triceps

Exercise Set Type Sets Reps Rest Notes
Elliptical Machine Cardio 1 1 hour
Military press Drop Set 3-5+ 8 60 secs
Lat Dumbbell Raises Drop Set 3-5+ 8 60 secs
Triceps press-downs Straight Set 3-4 8 60 secs
Cable Flys Straight Set 3-4 8 60 secs
Medicine Ball Slam Straight Set 3-4 8 60 secs
Diamond Pushups Straight Set 3-4 8 60 secs
Dips Super Set 3-4 15 60 secs
Hanging Leg Raises
Plank Pushups Straight Set 3 15+ 60 secs  till failure
Ab Crunches Straight Set 3-4 25+ 60 secs  till failure

Joe Manganiello Diet Plan

Maganiello’s diet revolves around one major nutrient. “It’s protein from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed,” He says.

Maganiello builds his meals around lean cuts of chicken and vegetables. He however, allows himself one cheat meal every week, typically over the weekends. In addition to his meals, Maganiello takes supplement to make sure that his body has all the minerals it needs to carry out its major functions.

To put into perspective, below is a sample of his daily meal.

  • 7:15 am: Granola with Greek yogurt and no sweeteners. A glass of water and standard whey protein.
  • 9:00 am: Protein drink
  • 10:15 am: Omelet (egg white) with peppers and ham. Fruits and black coffee (with Splenda)
  • 2:15 pm: Oven roasted chicken breasts, green beans, and corn. Six backed buffalo chicken wings
  • 6.30 pm: Salmon with leafy green vegetables. A cup of coffee.