Jason Statham Workout RoutinePerform the grilling workout sessions that makes Jason Stratham look like he is chiselled from stone.

Jason Statham holds a distinctive position in the industry because of his ability and persistence to perform all his own stunts and combat scenes.

Jason follows grilling workout sessions in order  to keep his body chiselled, fit, primed  and ready for demanding nature of the next action movie stunt sequence.

Jason Statham is noted in the industry for keeping his body constantly fit, while filming for different roles. “Death Race”, “The Expendables” and the three “Transporter” movies, are some of the most famous films of his career, in which he set standards by keeping himself fit and sporting a lean muscular body, which added to the charm of his character.

The Jason Statham workout is followed by diehard fans of the star, who keeps himself constantly fit for his challenging roles and stunts in the films.

The Breakdown – Jason Statham Workout Routines

The Jason Statham workout is not for the faint hearted or weak willed individual. The actor himself commented on his workout routine and regarded it as a very extensive and highly demanding session.

Jason’s philosophy is to strive hard for whatever one wants, and his workout routine lives up to his high ambitions. He adopts variation in his workout routine and engages a different workout each day. He works out 6 days a week, with a different circuit and set of exercises on each day.

The following workout was specifically designed for Jason Statham, and is going to require a lot of effort and commitment to get through. Each session is designed to take about 35 to 45 minutes. Jason is a fan of many variations in his workouts, by adopting different exercises to keep the body guessing.

He also keeps a record of his entire workout routine (as i recommend you do), along with the number of repetitions and time of each session. The actor engages in a warm up exercises at a light intensity, and gradually builds up to his gruelling workout session.

 Jason Statham Workout Routine

 Jason Statham Workout Routine – Warm-up

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Row Machine 1 10mins  Easy pace for warmup

 Jason Statham Workout Routine – Pyramid Circuit 1-5 / 5-1

Exercise Set Reps Notes
1 Push-ups,  Ring pull-up (or standard pull-ups) & Body weight squats 5 1 each exercise, then 2, 3, 4 & 5 3 exercises done back to back, No Rest. Total 5 sets.
2 Push-ups,  Ring pull-up (or standard pull-ups) & Body weight squats 5 5 each exercise, then 4, 3, 2 & 1 Reverse of set 1.3 exercises done back to back, No Rest. Total 5 sets.

 Jason Statham Workout Routine – Deadlift Workout

Exercise Set Reps Notes
Deadlift 1 10 35% 1RM. 60sec Rest
5 45% 1RM. 2min Rest
2 55% 1RM. 3min Rest
1 65% 1RM. 3min Rest
1 75% 1RM. 3min Rest
1 85% 1RM. 3min Rest
1 95% 1RM. 3min Rest
1 95% 1RM. 3min Rest
1 95% 1RM. 3min Rest
1 95% 1RM.

 Jason Statham Workout Routine – Interval Training

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Sprints 6 500 meters  Rest of 3 minutes in between.

 Jason Statham Workout Routine – Cooldown

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Trampoline Freestyle 1 10 mins Low intensity

Jason Statham Diet Plan

Jason follows a very strict diet in order to keep fit and maintain an active figure.

Jason avoids processed foods and non organic food items, and only follows a diet rich in protein, with no sugar, and floury items. The actor strictly follows his diet plan, as it is important to increase his muscle mass and burn calories throughout the day. Jason Statham takes 6 small meals a day, with a 14 to 16 glass of water intake each day.

The actor states that he keeps a strict record of his diet, which helps him to assess his diet plan regularly. He strictly follows the diet plan and routine, in order to burn excess calorie throughout the day and maintain an athletic figure.

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