Daniel Craig Workout

Daniel Craig Bond WorkoutLearn the tips and tricks that helped get Daniel Craig got in incredible shape for James Bond.

Daniel Craig has never failed to amaze everyone by getting into incredible shape for the latest James Bond sequel.

The third installment to this action packed movie is entitled “Skyfall”. The first one was called “Casino Royale and the next sequel is the equally popular “Quantum of Solace”. Daniel Craig looked in magnificent physical condition for the first two movies.

Daniel Craig’s mission as James Bond.

Building muscles for the third sequel is the hardest challenge for Craig.

This is due to the fact that he shrinks a few pounds and muscles for his last movie called “Cowboys and Aliens”.Thus, he needs to begin from scratch in order to muscle up again. Also, at 43, the actor feels that he is a bit old to handle the tremendous physical demands presented by the James Bond role.

Daniel Craig badly needs to achieve serious muscles for the movie Skyfall. In actuality, the bosses want Craig to put on about 15 to 20 pounds prior to filming.

The great thing is Craig has been muscled up before. Hence, it will be a lot faster for him to achieve the muscle mass that is expected from him. All he needs to do is to begin lifting weights and increase his protein as well as calorie intake.

Daniel Craig Workout Routine (for James Bond)

 Daniel Craig Workout Monday & Friday Routine – Circuit Training

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Clean and press 3 8 to 10  
2 Weighted knee raise 3 8 to 10  
3 Weighted step-ups 3 10 to 12  
4 Pull ups 3 10 to 12  
5 Incline push up 3 25  
6 Triceps dips 3 25  

*3 sets denotes 3 full circuits

 Daniel Craig Workout Tuesday Routine – Chest & Back

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Incline bench press 4 10  
2 Pull ups 4 10  
3 Incline push up 4 10  
4 Incline dumbbell flys 4 10  

 Daniel Craig Workout Wednesday Routine – Legs

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Squat 4 10  
2 Straight-leg dead-lifts 4 10  
3 Hamstring Curl 4 10  
4 Weighted Lunge 4 10  

 Daniel Craig Workout Thursday Routine – Shoulders & Arms

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Incline Biceps Curls 4 10  
2 Triceps Dips 4 10  
3 Lateral Raises 4 10  
4 Shoulder Press 4 10  

 Daniel Craig Workout Saturday Routine – Cardio

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Treadmill 1 20 mins  
2 Bicycle 1 20 mins  
3 Elliptical 1 20 mins  

Daniel Craig Diet Plan

Diet plays an important role for him gaining weight for Skyfall. He takes 5 meals in a day. Let us look at his diet;

  • Breakfast: A bowl of porridge or 2 poached eggs on brown bread/toast.
  • Snack 1 -A protein shake with some nuts or fruit.
  • Lunch- Lean meat or fish with salad & small amount brown rice or a baked potato.
  • Snack 2 – A protein shake with nuts or yogurt.
  • Dinner –  Lean meat or fish with dark green leafy vegetables like broccoli or spinach

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