Candice Model Workout

Get toned and lean with the Candice Swanepoel workout!

Candice Swanepoel is a very lucky women; because a win in the genetics department, she never has to do cardio to control her weight and can eat pretty much whatever she wants without gaining a pound! Some people just do get it all…

Principles of  the Candice Swanepoel Workout Routine

These blessed genetics don’t mean the Victoria Secret’s model is lazy though – far from it. Where her contemporaries are doing lots of cardio and dieting hard, Candice spends her time hitting the weights and sculpting her muscles to ensure that she always looks her best; important for someone who makes their living standing around in their underwear!

Candice says that, despite appearances to the contrary, modeling is far from easy and the increased core strength and muscular endurance she has developed with her workouts means that the long and often laborious photo shoots are nowhere near as tiring as they might otherwise be.

In addition to frequent yoga workouts that help keep her supple and athletic, Candice lifts weights two or three times a week. She uses light weights and does high reps to avoid building large, manly muscles but that keep her body toned and firm.

A typical Candice Swanepoel workout looks like this

Warm up

five to ten-minutes of yoga-type exercises to ensure all major muscles are stretched, joints are mobile and core body temperature is elevated.

All of the following exercises are performed slowly and deliberately for two to four sets of 12 to 20 repetitions. If you want to make the workout more cardiovascularly demanding, do the exercises as a non-stop circuit.

1. Side lunge to overhead punch

This is a great total body exercise that also elevates your heart rate and helps burn calories. With a weight in each hand, stand with your feet around two shoulder-widths apart and your hands at shoulder level. Bend your left leg, shift your weight over to your left side and punch your right arm up to the ceiling – twist your waist and extend your right leg. Come back to the center and lower your hand back to shoulder-height. Do an identical repetition to the opposite side.

2. Knee lift to step back lunge

This is another great leg exercise that works your butt, core and arms too! Stand with your feet together and your hands at shoulder-height. Lift your left knee up and out to the side and then step back and behind your right leg into a rearward lunge. Bring your feet back together and repeat.

3. Small lunges

This exercise might look and sound easy but if you do enough reps it’ll leave your thighs and butt shaky and tired. Take a large step forward and raise your hands to shoulder-height. Brace your arms, shoulders and core. Bend your legs and lower your rear knee down toward the floor. Only descend about half way though. Stand back up and repeat. Change legs and do the same number of repetitions on the opposite side.

4. Kneeling straight leg lifts

This exercise is a supreme butt toner and is also good for your lower back and core. Kneel down on all fours and then drop down onto your elbows. Extend your right leg out behind you so your toe is resting lightly on the floor. Keeping your hips level and without arching your lower back, lift your straight leg up toward the ceiling. Lower your foot back to the floor and repeat. Do the same number of repetitions on each leg. Make this exercise more demanding by wearing ankle weights.

5. Side lying leg lifts

This final exercise works the side of your butt and the outside of your thigh. Lie on your side with your bottom leg bent and top leg straight. Rest your head on your hand. Keep your hips square and lift your top leg up so your foot is just above shoulder-height. Lower your leg back down and repeat. Do the same number of repetitions on each leg. Make this exercise more demanding by wearing ankle weights.

Finish your workout with more stretches to minimize your chances of suffering post-exercise muscle soreness.

Candice Swanepoel Diet Plan

Despite the fact that Candice can eat junk food and stay slim, she knows that for health and energy, she is better off eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit and plenty of protein foods like chicken and fish.

She grew up on a dairy and beef farm so, unlike many of her contemporaries, is not a vegetarian and eats a bit of everything – a self-confessed omnivore.

While her love of pizza is well known, Candice Swanepoel admits that if she doesn’t eat fresh vegetables for a while, she starts to feel unwell and begins to crave healthy vegetables and fruits.

Despite her favorable genetics, Candice Swanepole still works hard on her fitness and health. Her workout will not build big muscles but will definitively help you tone up in all the right places and, best of all, all you need is two light weights and an exercise mat.

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