Brock Lesnar UFC WorkouLearn the tricks and tips and train like a champion with the Brock Lesnar Mixed Martial Arts workout!

A onetime collegiate wrestler, he was soon playing a major part in both the WWF and WWE wrestling organizations. Not content with being a professional wrestler, Lesnar left grappling for the NFL where he played several games for the Minnesota Vikings.
After football, he travelled to Japan to wrestle again before migrating to MMA and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. More recently, Lesnar has returned to wrestling and once again can be seen butting heads with the likes of John Cena.

Because wrestling and MMA are as much about cardiovascular fitness as it is strength and power, Lesnar splits his time between lifting weights and improving his sports-specific conditioning. Lesnar trains four times a week which allows plenty of time for rest, recovery and honing his already impressive wrestling skills.

How The Brock Lesnar Workout is laid out

Monday Conditioning, Chest and Triceps
Tuesday – Conditioning, Back and Biceps
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Conditioning, Shoulders
Friday – Conditioning, Legs
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Rest

Each of his strength training workouts is preceded with one of the following three workouts designed to prepare his heart, lungs and muscles for the rigours of fighting in the ring or octagon.

The Brock Lesnar Workout

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 Brock Lesnar Conditioning / Circuit Routine – Full Body 

Notes: 1min each exercise 30sec rest, except for round five that has no rest.
 Round One Round Two Round Three Round Four Round Five
Spiderman Pushups  Recline pull-ups Airdyne Bike (70 RPM)  Jammer machine  Airdyne Bike (70 RPM)
Clapping Pushups  Bodyweight pull-ups Upper body bike machine  One arm sledge hammer swings   Upper body bike machine
Pushing tire Pulling/pushing tire Incline treadmill  Medicine ball sprawls  Incline treadmill 
Mounted punching Jumping pull ups Windsprint bike  Bear crawls  Windsprint bike
Hand switch Heavy bag twirl Airdyne bike Transition station  Airdyne bike

 Brock Lesnar Monday Routine – Chest Triceps

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Bench Press  6 12  
2  Incline Dumbbell Press  4  10  
3  Dumbbell Flyes  3  8  
4  Cable Crossovers  3  8
5  Triceps Dips  4  10  
6  Triceps Pushdown  4  10
7  Skull Crushers  3  10

 Brock Lesnar Tuesday Routine – Back and Bicep

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Wide Grip Pull Up  4  6  
2  Medium Grip Pull Up  4  6  
3  Narrow Grip Pull Up  4  6  
4  Seated Cable Row  4  6
5  Stiff Legged Deadlift  4  6  
6  Deadlift  4  6
7  Preacher Curl  4  12
8  Hammer Curl  3  10
9  Incline Dumbbell Curl  3  10

 Brock Lesnar Thursday Routine – Shoulders

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Overhead Barbell Press  4  10  
2  Seated Dumbbell Press  3  10  
3  Dumbbell Front Raise  3  10  
4  Dumbbell Lateral Raise  3  10
5  Smith Machine Upright Row  4  6  
6  Barbell/Dumbbell Shrug  4  6

 Brock Lesnar Friday Routine – Legs

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Leg Extension  3  10  
2  Leg Curl  3  10  
3  Narrow Stance Smith Machine Squat  4  6  
4  Medium Stance Smith Machine Squat  4  6
5  Wide Stance Smith Machine Squat  4  6  
6  Leg Press  4  6
7  Stiff Legged Deadlift  4  6

Brock Lesnar’s Diet Plan

In 2009, Lesnar was diagnosed as having diverticulitis – a condition normally associated with the elderly and those who do not eat enough fiber.

Subsequently, he went from eating pretty much what he wanted to a much healthier and more considered diet.

Brock Lesnar now follows what can best be described as a hunter-gatherer diet although this approach is sometimes called the Paleo or caveman diet. As a keen hunter, Brock always “eats what he kills” and builds all his meals around meat or fish and vegetables.

Other foods of choice include fruits, nuts and seeds. As a hard training athlete, Lesnar makes sure he stays well hydrated by drinking a gallon of water a day and consumes very little in the way for refined foods, sugar or salt. While Lesnar’s diet is very balanced, he does take a few supplements to aid performance and recovery specifically whey protein after training, amino acids, fish oils, creatine, CLA, caffeine and multi vitamins.

Brock Lesnar has had a long and fruitful career in some of the toughest sports around and the fact he has not just survived but thrived is testament to his effective training regime and diet. If you want to be built like Brock Lesnar, follow his workout program and diet closely.

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