Adrian Peterson NFL Workout Routine

Learn the workout routine and diet plan that made Adrian Peterson the weapon running back you see today

Adrian Peterson is the running back In the NFL for the Minnesota Vikings. A talented and powerful athlete, who showed true potential during his college years when he played for the University of Oklahoma.

Adrian Peterson has the distinction of holding the most yards rushing, in one game, of 296. He also holds the NFL record of the most number of yard rushing games played by a rookie. He won the “AP NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award”, and the “NFL Most Valuable Player of the Year Award”, in 2012.

The Breakdown – Adrian Peterson Workout Routine

Adrian follows a vigorous and highly challenging workout routine, split into three workouts targeting upper body , lower body and conditioning drills. Monday and Wednesday are  upper body,  Tuesdays and Thursdays are lower body.

Conditioning drills are done on all four days after the resistance training (gym) sessions, ideally after a few hours of recovery in between.

This drill session should be treated just like a circuit, and has no breaks or rests in between. OUCH!

Adrian Peterson Workout Routine

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 Adrian Peterson Workout Monday & Wednesday Routine - Upper Body

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Neck (four directions) 1 6-10  
2 Standing Shoulder Shrug 1 6-10  
3 Incline (M)/Flat-Bench (W) Press 3  10, 8, 6  
4 Close-Grip Pull-Up 1  Failure  
5 Machine Pullover 1 6-10  
6 Flat (M)/Incline (W) Raise 2 6-10  
7 Dumbbell Lateral (M)/Front (W) Raise 1 6-10
8 Seated Cable Row 1 6-10
9 Seated Cable Scapular Retraction 1 6-10
10 Flat (M)/Incline (W) Machine Chest Press 1 6-10
11 Lat Pulldown 1 6-10
12 Machine Overhead Press 1 6-10
13 Machine Row 1 6-10
14 Machine Flye (M)/Lateral Raise (W) 1 6-10
15 Machine Reverse Flye 1 6-10
16 External (M)/Internal (W) Rotation 1 6-10
17 Triceps Pulldown 1 6-10
18 Cable Curl 1 6-10
19 Hand Gripper 1 6-10
20 Wrist Flexion (M)/ Extension (W) 1 6-10
Note: (M) = Monday, (W) = Wednesday
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 Adrian Peterson Workout Tuesday & Thursday Routine - Lower Body

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Hang Clean 3 6  
2 Deadlift (T)/ Squat (R) 3 12, 10, 8  
3 Romanian Deadlift (T)/ Glute-Ham Raise (R) 2 6-10  
4 Leg Press 2 6-10  
5 Leg Curl 1 6-10  
6 One-Leg Press (T) / Dumbbell Step-up or Lunge (R) 2 6-10  
7 One-Leg Curl (T) / Leg Curl on exercise ball (R) 1 6-10
8 One-Leg Hip Flexion (T)/ Bridge on exercise ball (R) 1 6-10
9 Hip Abduction 1 6-10
10 Leg Extension 1 6-10
11 Standing Calf Raise 1 6-10
12 Ball (T)/ Machine (R) Back Extension 1 15
13 Ball (T)/ Machine (R) Abs Crunch 1 25
14 Medicine-Ball (T)/ Machine (R) Torso Twist 1 40
15 Reverse Crunch (T)/ Cable Side Bend (R) 1 15
Note: (T) = Tuesday, (R) = Thursday
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 Adrian Peterson Workout - Conditioning and Agility Drills

Exercise Sets Distance Notes
1 Sprints  5 400 yards  
2 Sprints  4 300 yards  
3 Sprints  3 100 yards  
4 Starts 10 10 yards
5 Cone Drills - circle, square, sideline by sideline 5 10 reps  
6 Direction Change Drills 5 10 reps
7 Knee Box Ups 5 10 reps
8 Half-gashers 5 10 reps
9 Tree-trippers 5 10 reps
10 4x20 Yard Shuffles 2 10 yard

Adrian Peterson Diet Plan

Adrian follows an extensive diet plan, with 6 small meals throughout the day.

To help him acquire much needed energy for the strenuous workout regime, a lost of food need to be consumed on a daily basis. He prefers a protein rich diet, with fish and chicken, along with Cytosport supplements. The diet plan also targets getting various micro nutrients, which serve to keep you active throughout the day and help improve recovery between workouts.

Sample Daily Diet

Meal Menu
8am Breakfast 4-5 egg whites, whole grain pancakes, low fat bacon
9am Preworkout Cytomax Ready to Drink
10am Postworkout 2 scoops of Muscle Milk Powder ( in Cookies and Crème flavor)
1pm Lunch Baked chicken, vegetables ( green beans or carrots), and rice
5pm Dinner Grilled chicken breast and pasta
9pm Nighttime snack Nighttime snack

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