50 Cent Workout RoutineBuild bad boy muscle and get ripped with rapper and actor Curtis 50 Cent Jackson!

Getting shot might not be the most common form of inspiration to get in shape but, for 50 Cent, it was the kick in the pants he needed to gain muscle, get fit and become arguably one of the most in-shape men in the music industry.

Principles of the 50 Cent Workout

Weighing in at a muscular 215lbs, 50 combines some old-school bodybuilding with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT for short) to build muscle while keeping his body fat low and improving his cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

This duel-pronged approach is one of the best ways to develop an amazing all-round physique that not only looks good but is healthy and athletic too.

Like many bodybuilders, 50 Cent hits each of his major muscles twice a week. This allows three days rest between similar workouts which ensures that he can maintain a high level of workout intensity.

Because leg workouts are inevitably shorter than upper body workouts, he does his HIIT conditioning training after his leg training is done. This is a tough way to work out but the results make the temporary discomfort worthwhile.

50 performs several exercises per muscle group with an emphasis on compound free weight exercises.

The 50 Cent Workout Routine

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 50 Cent Workout Monday & Thursday Routine – Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Bench Press  4  12  
2  Incline Dumbbell Bench Press  3  12  
3  Clap Push-Up  3  12  
4  Decline Dumbbell Fly  3  12
5  Arnold Press  3  12  
6  One-Arm Cable Triceps Extension  3  12
7  Lying EZ-Bar Triceps Extension  3  12
8  Triceps dips  3  12
9  Full Hanging Leg Raise  3  12

 50 Cent Workout Tuesday & Friday Routine – Back & Biceps 

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Pull-ups  2  12  
2  Chin-ups  2  12  
3  V-bar row  3  12  
4  Alternating Dumbbell curl  3  12

 50 Cent Workout Wednesday & Saturday Routine –  Lower Body with HITT

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Power Cleans  3  12  
2  Single Leg Squats  3  10  
3  Squat Jumps  3  max in 30 sec  
4  Barbell standing calf raises  3  12
5  Medicine ball squat to raise  3  15  
     HIIT cardio e.g. Prowler sled pushing or pulling, tire flipping, wind sprints, treadmill intervals, heavy bag work or similar.

50 Cent Diet Plan

A few years ago, 50 Cent lost over 50lbs for an acting role where is played a football player suffering from cancer. To achieve this dramatic weight loss, he consumed no solid food for nearly three months and only drank meal replacement shakes.

Needless to say, during this time his training also changed significantly. Gone were the strength training and HIIT workouts and long treadmill workouts became the norm. To shed as much weight as possible, 50 Cent did as much as three hours of treadmill jogging per day. Was this approach healthy? Not really; but it certainly was effective.

Now, with his goals being very different, 50 Cent’s diet is designed to provide his muscles with the fuel they need for his demanding workouts and energetic lifestyle while keeping him fit and lean.

Unlike many bodybuilders who eat up to eight meals a day, 50 Cent’s diet is more moderate, reflects the reality of a busy schedule and consists of three meals a day plus one snack and a post-workout protein and carb recovery shake. While building lots of muscle often requires very frequent eating, this is not always practical – especially if you have a fulltime job, are at school or don’t otherwise have an unlimited budget (time or financial) to spend on food.

Each meal, says 50, should be balanced and include protein, slow acting carbohydrates, fiber, healthy fats and a good source of vitamins and minerals such as fruit or vegetables.

A typical 50 Cent breakfast would be oatmeal, apple, cinnamon, walnut halves, whey protein and Splenda to add a sweet taste.

Lunch could be blackened shrimp, brown rice, black beans, spinach and olive oil. For dinner, try lemon-pepper chicken, wholegrain pasta and summer squash. If you feel hungry, snack on Greek yogurt with blueberries, walnut halves and Splenda. To refuel your muscles after your workout, mix and drink a bottle of Gatorade with 1 ½ scoops of whey protein.

Don’t let the apparent simplicity of 50 Cent’s approach to exercise and nutrition fool you – he’s been working out for a long time and has picked the brains of some of the greatest trainers and dieticians around. He knows that works!

The key to success in fitness and developing a killer physique is consistency and while there are more complicated routines you could follow, if you can’t stick with it 24/7/365 then they aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. Be like 50 Cent and KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid – when other more complicated plans fall by the wayside, you’ll still be making progress toward your ultimate fitness goals.